What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Series?

Samsung is the world’s leading brand and is in the top position with a good reason. Speaking about their flagship smartphones, they contain innovative technology and extraordinary design that attracts the consumers most. Samsung is doing a great job by making their device’s user friendly. 

Wherever you go for purchasing a Samsung smartphone, you must notify the verities of the series. Each series contains different specs and features. The popular Samsung Galaxy series are S, A, M, and Note. When you set a brand in mind, the different models confuse you, so before buying a smartphone, you must know the difference between these series. But in our article, we give a dazzle of Galaxy series A and S because these models are the popular models in the smartphone market. Here we will explore the variations of the Galaxy A and S series.

Price difference

The price tag is the biggest reason for the division of the series, so they are. At the all-time, Samsung releases its flagship smartphones under the S series. The Galaxy S series models are one of the most expensive mobiles in the market and they are also competing with the competitors that are sold more expensive devices.   

The Galaxy A series is set as a mid-top price segment mobiles. If you compare the technical specifications of this series with the Galaxy S series, you can see they are a bit behind on their flagship smartphones. Overall looking averagely, Galaxy A series price is lower than the S series. 


Comparing the design, the Samsung Galaxy S series always wins the race. They come in a slim and sleek design that offers a premium feel of having a flagship one. There is a metal back and thin bezels, the build quality is robust, long-lasting, and some have water-resistance. On the contrary, the Galaxy A series contains plastic chassis. They do not feel so premium, but the build quality is strong. 


There are no day and night differences between the two series. But obviously, when the S series is called flagship, and they are in the upper-segment category, the performance is also top-notch. It is equipped with high-quality chipsets and other quality technical specs. These flagship smartphones include the company’s best hardware to provide flawless performance. 

Talking about the Galaxy A series performance, it doesn’t give a superior performance but it is satisfying for the users. The average quality is a step behind the Galaxy S series. Still, Samsung is trying to maintaining the performance so that the users also experience the average quality at mid-budget.  

Battery life

Battery life is another fundamental element to consider before buying a Samsung smartphone. So when we find the difference, it is an important issue for discussing. As you know the Galaxy S series is in the high-quality range, you can expect a long-lasting battery life from this smartphone. Usually, the energy level goes over a day even with heavy usage and also supports fast charging. 

In battery life issues, if you try to find the Galaxy S series’s competitor, it will be the one from its own family. Actually, Samsung really makes great batteries even for its low-mid smartphones. For example, if you take a glance at the Galaxy M51 model which is equipped with a 7,000 mAh battery and this is a tremendous job in the mid-price segment. The Galaxy A series is also doing excellent in the field of battery life, thanks to its processor that works with minimum energy. In the end, the S series is still a step ahead. 


You will get eye-popping camera lenses which are extremely high-quality cameras in the S series. Along with the S series, Samsung started the trend to give the best photography quality with the smartphone. The including camera lenses are specially developed by Samsung and they offer true-to-life images. 

The A series is also providing good camera lenses that really price worthy. The Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A81 cameras provide excellent resolution and the images fairly look like the flagship-level. But only the camera lenses don’t give the best photos, processor and artificial intelligence also works for it. Since the S series is above processor quality, it gives better photos than the Galaxy A series. 

The benefit of having the Galaxy A Series

At present time, Samsung is improving exceptionally in the Galaxy A series. But it is true that they can’t serve as great as the flagship, somehow the performance is satisfying enough. Considering the smartphone price, you will get the best performance with the A series which is the biggest advantage. Moreover, you will get an optimized battery life and super AMOLED screens. 

The benefit of having the Galaxy S Series

Though the Galaxy S series smartphone prices in Bangladesh are salty, you get superior performance which is really worth the price. Getting it you will have the premium performance. Also, you don’t need to think about water, dust, and scratch. The battery life and wireless charging support are remarkable as well as photo and video quality. You can complete professional photography with its cameras. Furthermore, you will get the updated Android operating system that you won’t have in the Galaxy A series. The S series can compete with the world’s top brand in the high segment smartphone market. 

Final Words

Samsung always keeps you updated with the latest technology in the easiest way. Whether you are using the Galaxy S or A series, every time you get the best performance that you are paying for. Even if you buy an entry-level Samsung smartphone, there is an average balance of the hardware for maximum performance.   

The demand for the Samsung smartphone in Bangladesh is very high. Almost all the Samsung models get a maximum response, and there is a massive audience for their smartphones. Samsung interred a long back in the country, but it still remains in its top position with the quality and durability of its products. 

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