Difference between Two Major Types of Vials with their Benefits

To keep liquid medicine, vials play a very vital role in the medicines field. Vails are eco-friendly as they can be recycled because they are made up of sustainable material. Caps are added to the vials. These caps protect the stored substance from ultraviolet light harms. In this way, sensitive samples of medicines can be stored in ample vials.

In this article, we are going to discuss three major types of vials along with their benefits in the field of medicines to protect them from damage and harm. Some medicines extracts are so costly. Hence, there may be a high chance of such medicines’ diffusion. Sometimes these medicines can be opened easily even do not need a vial decapper. Therefore, it is the major reason such medicines can easily diffuse.

Following are the three major vials that best aid the medicines to keep them safe.

  1. Plastic Vials

Plastic bottles have many uses. For example, department stores may use plastic bottles to store perfume or cosmetic samples. Law enforcement officers use plastic bottles to seal and store evidence at crime scenes. In a laboratory, plastic bottles are often used in centrifuges, automatic injectors, or cryogenic processes. Some substances, such as hydrofluoric acid, must be stored in plastic and not in glass.

Plastic bottles are usually made of polypropylene or polyethylene. Polypropylene is a rigid material that can be translucent or pigmented. Polypropylene is similar to polyethylene in many ways. However, it is a bit more heat resistant. Polyethylene, especially high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is one of the most widely used plastics in bottles and another packaging. It is appreciated for its flexibility and excellent resistance to impact. Both plastics are used in a wide range of applications, including medical and pharmaceutical applications. Some of the benefits of plastic bottles include:

Chemical resistance: in addition to strong oxidizing agents, polypropylene and polyethylene have excellent resistance to bases, alcohols and acids and have a low risk of leaching. These plastics can often be cleaned and sterilized for clinical use.

High melting point: Compared to other thermoplastics, polypropylene has a high melting point and drops to around 155 ° C. Polypropylene is often used in autoclaves due to its heat resistance. It retains its strength even in very cold temperatures.

Durable: Plastic is strong and won’t break, which is one of its biggest advantages. You don’t have to worry about breaking samples if an employee drops them or hits a bottle holder. This increases the safety of your laboratory and reduces the need to replace lost samples and broken vials.

Lightweight: Plastic is lightweight and easy to use and improves efficiency in a busy work environment. Since plastic is not a heavy material, it is easier and possibly cheaper to ship or transport.

Point to Ponder

Plastic bottles are available with clear or amber glass if you need a container for photosynthetic substances.

Silicone bottles

Some vials go through a process called siliconization. Silicon means that a silicon solution is applied to the surface of the glass to form a protective layer. The advantages of silicone vials are:

  • Minimal interaction between sample and vial
  • Prevents high viscosity liquids from adhering to the inner surface of the vial
  • Increase transparency
  • Silicone can be used to treat amber, borosilicate, or soda lime vials and bottles.

Heat resistance: Silicon Vials are highly heated resisters so there is no need to worry to keep the vial with any high degree medication in it within room temperature. In case, if you are sitting at 42°C.

Extremely low absorption: These vials are low being absorbent. These vials not only help to absorb heat in a lesser amount. Help to keep the substance

Permeability of water. Silicon vial allows water permeability to bottles.

Excellent aging characteristic: The life of these bottles are so long even you can reuse it for some other purpose after it gets emptied.

Bottom Line…

In the conclusion, both vials have a great impact in the medical field on the part of the medicine protection. So, before choosing as per your medicine, must get an idea from the best Medical equipment suppliers for the betterment of your products’ sale and purchase.

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