Trends that are Revolutionizing Digital Marketing in 2021

In today’s digital age, the perks and benefits of digital marketing no surprise to anyone. However, with spiking competition in the online markets, marketers have to explore new strategies and tactics to level up their game. After all, social media and email marketing are no longer enough to captivate customers and drive sales. So, how about you explore the savvy marketing trends of 2021? The evolving technological innovations are opening doors to new and better strategies, fostering business growth.

You can hop onto AI-enabled systems and automate marketing practices. Chatbots can take charge of customer interactions, eliminating the need to hire customer representatives. Similarly, big data offers rich insights into changing behavioral patterns and tastes. In addition to making informed decisions, integrating these digital marketing trends can give your business an edge in the market. Besides this, think of unique ways to publish your content.

Although videos and images have been everyone’s favorite, you can use digital books to draw the reader’s attention. Usually, entrepreneurs are afraid to try distinctive marketing innovations, but isn’t this what a business is all about, taking risks? Thus, before it is too late, jump on the bandwagon and give a shot to new digital trends. And in case you don’t know much about it, have a look below. Here are five revolutionizing trends of digital marketing in 2021.

Digital Flipbooks

These days, almost every business has an excellent online presence, which means you need a secret weapon to beat competitors. Perhaps, a digital flipbook can come in handy here. Even though eBooks and Soda PDF offer incredible results, it only offers a conventional reading experience. Digital flipbooks are interactive books with loads of information and visuals, leaving a lasting impression on readers. Thus, feel free to spread the same brand message but with a new approach.

Unlike other content formats, you can create a flipbook in few seconds. Use an online tool to transform your PDF file into a flipbook. Otherwise, if you don’t have any PDFs or eBooks, choose a source and template for the book. The digital software will tweak and tune the content while choosing the end look by adding or customizing elements. A flipbook allows a whole array of different multimedia, which means you can add audio or videos into the book.

Data Analytics

Today, companies are experiencing an influx of data. From social media, search engines to emails – big data is taking over the digital world. It offers insightful details regarding customer’s purchase patterns and changing preferences. Likewise, it also provides insights into industry trends, pricing, and competitors’ marketing practices. Therefore, capture this data with the help of analytics to take strategic initiatives and increase profitability.

Data analytics can help you personalize customer interactions. It uses data from previous customer interactions and geographical profiling, delivering more targeted messages. For instance, you can include the ‘recommended for you’ section on the website by leveraging analytics. It would recommend different products based on customer’s previous purchases.

Besides this, analytics can also help you gain cross-channel visibility. It turns the broad spectrum of touchpoints into a customer profile or buyer persona. As a result, brands can draft appropriate strategies, opening doors to a high-quality and uniform buying experience.

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Video Marketing

In the 21st century, video marketing is no longer a choice. Every brand should incorporate videos into their digital initiatives to drive traffic, leads, and conversions. Do you know what benefits videos bring to a brand? It establishes brand awareness while developing trust amongst the customers. Similarly, it drives higher engagement than other content types. Besides this, Google also ranks websites higher that at least have one or two videos.

Is it worth missing out on these benefits? Of course, not. As digital video advertising trends are booming in 2021, consider it as an opportunity to kick start your video marketing campaign. Here are different types of videos you can create to attract audiences.

  • Product Videos: Honestly, watching and hearing is far better than reading about a product. It helps people understand what solutions your product is offering and why it is worth purchasing it.
  • Testimonials: These days, other’s word of mouth holds a lot of importance. Hence, showcasing your client’s experience with a brand can elevate your image while establishing credibility.
  • Live Streaming Have you ever gone ‘live’ on social media? It is an incredible way of engaging and connecting with the customers in real-time. Hence, host a live session to learn about your customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Usually, brands believe AI is for tech giants and multinational organizations. In reality, even small businesses can take advantage of AI-enabled devices. After all, we encounter AI in our daily lives. Sometimes, marketers retarget ads based on online behavior. At the same time, at times, they seek help from digital voice assistants to generate responses. Likewise, face recognition technology and Google maps are all examples of artificial intelligence.

The AI-enables devices and servers bring incredible benefits for marketing too. You can collect data, analyze it, and use it at the right place at the right time. In addition to increasing sales, AI can expand your customer base while helping you make more informed decisions. Moreover, you can utilize AI-enabled chatbots to interact with customers. These bots share human-like intelligence, meaning; they can answer queries and questions like real customer representatives.

Also, these bots are available round the clock without any coffee breaks. Similarly, they have access to customer’s buying history, giving them relevant suggestions. As a result, your brand can benefit from excellent customer service.

Programmatic Advertising

Surprisingly, marketing automation is giving birth to many new forms of advertisements. Out of which, programmatic advertising has become extremely popular. It uses AI to automate ad buying, letting you target more specific audiences. Unlike traditional advertising, ad networks buy digital impressions ahead of time from different apps and sites. Alongside being more efficient, this automation is super-fast, leading to higher conversions.

Moreover, programmatic advertising offers a layer of transparency as marketers can see whether advertisements are visible to people or not. That way, you can make changes on the fly, improving business efficiency. Similarly, this advertising can measure a campaign’s progress and performance. Besides this, programmatic advertising has more excellent targeting capabilities. Advertisers can reach their ideal customers through contextual keywords and IP targeting. It might sound complicated, but it is worth giving it a shot.

Final Thoughts

As technology is transforming the world with new initiatives, it is time to upscale your digital marketing campaign. It doesn’t mean your digital strategies need a complete overhaul; instead, some minor amendments to captivate more customers. From digital documents, chatbots to automation – you will come across different digital trends. Thus, recognize your target audiences’ preferences and integrate strategies that best fit

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