Top SEO Trends That Have Ruled So Far In 2020

As the year 2020 slowly comes closer to its end, small as well as big businesses have to gear up for new SEO strategies in the upcoming year that align with the latest trends that help boost their brands. The fact that Search Engine Optimization remains the primary digital marketing strategy for any business, and keeping a keen eye out for the most beneficial strategies and anticipating our actions accordingly is a must in the digital era. The SEO landscape is extremely dynamic and it is advised to hire local SEO experts to help an organization navigate smoothly towards a  noticeable online presence. Some basic factors like adding relevant keywords in the titles, optimizing for mobile users, and so on remain constant but there are a plethora of new modifications that the public may be unaware of. Let us have a look at some of the top strategies that have been observed so far in 2020 and have fat chances of transitioning graciously into the year 2021.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) has been a part of the Google guidelines for several years now. But this year Google has really focused on the implementation of the search results on the basis of E-A-T, whereas earlier domain authority used to be all about links. It has become increasingly important for the rankings to keep the reliability intact in order to achieve a substantial ranking. Hire local SEO experts, be authoritative, be transparent, get cited to establish stronger trustworthiness for the search engine to identify your content and brand as rank-worthy. This may not seem like a “trend” but practicing putting out content of genuine quality, composed by experts in the field has surely become one in recent times to maintain a noteworthy reputation in the niche. Search engines like Google have clearly sent signals in 2020 that the quality of content is king rather than just putting out irrelevant information to generate hype.

Evolution of SERPs

The search engine result pages are continuously evolving for the purpose of enhancing the user experience. These changes occur by the minute and highlight the information believed to be the most to each search above advertisements with content snippets, pictures, graphs, and answer boxes. This action can throw off your analytics in terms of dwell time and reduce the amount of time each user spends on your page versus the SERPs. This can seem like a problem but when you hire a local SEO company can help use this as an opportunity to gather more conversions. Be prepared for the continued evolution of the SERPs to engage the consumers with richer results, snippets, knowledge panels, Google My Business, and updated Image Search results, map out the technical marketing strategies that help the business appear in a multitude of organic searches. An interesting example of the uncertainty is the addition and subsequent removal of favicons in the SERPs as it was not well-received by the users. Therefore, have a flexible strategy for marketing that can be modified and prepared for any new changes in the upcoming year.

Semantic search and intent optimization

The theme over the year 2020, is becoming exceedingly clear, that it revolves around the intent of the user rather than just the keywords and titles. Semantics is the buzz all around town and if someone belongs or knows a little about the digital marketing and SEO strategies that are surely aware of the importance of focusing on optimizing your brand and page for semantic searches. Google, as a search engine has become very clever at understanding what a user is looking for on the basis of a few words. The algorithm has a deep understanding and is definitely determined to provide the users with deep troves of information. The BERT update from Google was definitely a step in this direction and definitely made the search engine extra conversational and we need to watch out for keeping the content, intent-oriented before anything else in the coming year.

Artificial intelligence and voice searches

The previous point on semantic search brings in another aspect to the forefront. The search engines are continually changing to accommodate the exponential growth in the popularity of voice assistants and voice searches. The SEO experts have been preparing the web pages for these kinds of touch-free searches and trying their best to cater to the user’s intents. The marketers have to really focus on the entire funnel and cannot get away with adding a few keywords here and there and calling it a day. Speaking voice assistants like Siri and Alexa has become like second nature to the users and failing to acknowledge that in 2020 can be a big mistake in terms of optimization strategies and keep in mind that the users now search as they speak.

Artificial intelligence has made a drastic impact on the marketing techniques this year and is sure to keep pushing the boundaries in the near future. There are endless possibilities to implement successful SEO techniques that adapt to the AI. RankBrain and BERT are just the glimpses of what is in store in the near future.

Impact of the pandemic

The pandemic has affected the SEO strategies like never before and has definitely brought forth some new trends and practices. It has also inspired a stronger sense and needs for local searches. The organizations tend to hire local SEO experts for enhanced results and the small business has followed their footsteps for impressive growth in the business. The practices like having a Google My Business set up appropriately has immensely helped the people to find out about resources nearby due to the unavoidable restrictions. Service hours, safety regulations, and such details when mentioned in an organized manner the search engine quickly responds to the queries and displays your business to the ones inquiring.

Final thoughts

The SEO strategies are morphing as we speak and keeping up with the pace has led to noticeable progress in innumerable companies. Implement the trending practices with thorough  research to walk hand in hand with the search engine and its algorithms.

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