Top 5 Outstanding Features of Lanyards

Have you ever noticed that every employee of any dedicated organization usually has an identification tag? Well, to make it more profound and to better represent their brand, most organizations have gone a step further and acquired customized lanyards. Besides the organization’s name on the staff ID card, the brand name also appears on these lanyards.

Over the past few years, firms have been competing for the consumer’s attention globally. This stiff competition has caused tremendous efforts and changes in brand presentation. Presently, almost every organization or business has a commendable internet presence through their websites and social media platforms. The aim is to make themselves known to the audience. That should tell you why most firms have customized lanyards on all their staff. 

Just like any other product in the market, these brand marketing tools come in diverse sizes, colors, and designs suitable for you. However, it is good to note that there are counterfeits in the same market. 

Therefore, you need to know some useful lanyard features to avoid falling into the pitfall of sham products. Otherwise, you could waste your time on useless tags. Fortunately, that’s why this post is here. So, keep reading to dive deeper into the facts underlying this critical topic. 

Features of Great Lanyards

  1. They’re made of high-quality material

Quality is everything in all matters regarding any product’s durability. This concept also applies to lanyards. Beautifully, these office accessories are made of different materials ranging from nylon to braided leather, polyester to polyethylene terephthalate, satin to braided paracord. The company’s choice depends on the budget allocation and how visible they want their brand to be. 

Polyester is the most common material. Thus, it is a preferred choice by most organizations due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and durability. Besides, it is very comfortable for the user because of its breathability.

Imagine for a moment you are involved in a very vigorous outdoor activity in one of your conferences; you need something light and comfortable all day long. Remarkably, you have polyester lanyards. 

  • They have perfect attachments

This dimension confuses many buyers because they don’t know different types of lanyard attachments. These accessories have hooks or clips attached to them to fix ID cards, USBs, phones, keys, or flashes. These hooks and clasps are also made of different materials. The metallic clips and hooks are the most common and reliable. 

Besides, it could be because of their durability. Others have a J-hook or lobster claw to make attachment easier. Although most organizations preferred using plastic attachments because of their light-weight, metallic attachments look more serious and professional. 

  • They’ve safety breakaways

Here lies the safety secret that you should know. Most likely, you must have seen that plastic movable device on the lanyard and wondered about its use. Well, that component is called a safety breakaway

This plastic component’s essence is to protect the user from injuries if the lace is tightened around their neck. When pressure is applied, the safety breakaway disconnects the lacing keeping you safe and comfortable. So, next time, while buying a lanyard, check out for the safety breakaways. 

  • They are durable

Although this is pretty obvious, one may get confused with the options in the market. However, this strap’s durability will save you unnecessary costs in a financial year. No one wants to keep frequenting the market searching for lanyards. Every organization is looking for a way to reduce its budget and spend as little as it can. Therefore, buying a durable lacing will enable your business to stick to its budget.

  • They’re easy to customize

Making your brand known and easy for your employees’ identification plus their position is the essence of having these lanyards. Before you purchase your lanyard, ensure that it is easy to customize and does not fade away with time. 

Some may be appealing only when still new. However, everything changes within a short period and they start bleaching, and eventually, the logo, and the organization’s name become invisible. It is mostly determined by the material used to make the strap. That’s the essence of using high-quality material in your lanyards.

  • They are easy to maintain

Maintaining a lanyard should not be a difficult task as long as it is washable. At this point, it’s easier to know whether the lacing is high-quality or not. A poor-quality lanyard peels off and fades when you wash it. That should tell you that it is not durable. Inversely, a good lacing should be easy to clean and maintain without much effort.


Lanyards have become very common in offices and exhibitions. Moreover, many companies and businesses use them to advertise themselves. The above factors will help you to make the right decision while in the market for these laces. Remember, their prices should be within your budget without compromising their quality. 

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