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Things To Consider While Designing Custom Pillow Covers To Decorate Your Home

If you are searching for something pretty, versatile, and unique to brighten up your room, we suggest getting custom pillows. A custom pillow is the sweetest accessory your room can hope for – add colors, patterns, designs, or even pictures of your loved ones on your custom pillow covers. While they are stunning and attractive, a lot of thought goes into making these tom pillows. 

So if you are looking to add custom pillows to your home, but are confused around the steps and process, we’re here to help! 

This article will help you through your entire process. We will be providing you with specific tips and things to keep in mind to ensure you get the best results. Read on to know more!

Things To Consider While Designing Custom Pillow Covers To Decorate Your Home 

While coming up with a design or look for your custom pillow or custom pillow covers, here are some of the things that you should consider –

  1. Cushion Color

One of the most critical factors for choosing a good custom pillow is its color. This is because you would want your pillow cover to compliment or contrast your room or furniture color. If you go for extreme color schemes, it will end up looking uncoordinated and clumsy.

For example, if you are a minimalist lover, go for soothing cool tones like white and pastels to match the light colors of your room. Again, if you are going for a boho look, go for warmer tones like orange and red with patterns like Aztec prints. You can also get a color scheme wheel to determine which colors will complement those to help you choose the perfect cushion pillow color.

  1. Number Of Cushions

Traditionally, people go for an even number of cushions for their homes. However, if you prefer going by modern trends, we suggest getting an odd number of pillows. The number of pillows will determine the design and pattern you choose for your pillows.

For example, if you have a four-seater sofa, go for two pillows. Again if you have a five-seater sofa, go for three pillows. Also, if you have more than five pillows, you can mix and match designs with solid color pillow covers to bring harmony to your setup.

  1. Cushion Fabric

There are numerous cushion and cushion cover fabrics to choose from – velvet, satin, cotton, and much more. Your choice of fabric will affect the price of your custom pillow or pillow cover. 

For example, cotton pillows will be very affordable, while satin ones will be much more expensive. 

  1. Shape And Size Of Cushion

The shape and size of cushions matter a lot while choosing them. This is because you would want the shape and size to compliment your room and the space you keep it in.

For example, if you have a smaller area, you will go for multiple small ones or one or two big pillows. Again, for a larger space, you would look for multiple big ones to fill the space.

Also, you will find various shapes of pillows – stars, circles, squares, and rectangles. The shape you choose will also determine the number of pillows you get.

  1. Budget For Cushion

Let us be candid – custom pillows and custom pillow covers can be as expensive as you want them to be. However, it does not mean that you have to choose the most expensive options. We suggest going online and looking through the various printing companies that make custom pillows and pillow covers. You will find some good affordable ones, and then you can look through their reviews and customer feedback to choose the one best suited for you.

  1. Design, Pattern, Or Photos

Choosing a design, pattern, or photo for your pillow will consume a lot of time. This is because you will come across various ideas on platforms like Pinterest that will promise you an aesthetic-looking home. We suggest narrowing these down by choosing those designs or patterns that compliment you and the style of your room. Again, you can choose to get designs and patterns for some rooms while choosing custom photo pillows for others and solid or monogram ones for some other rooms.

  1. Use of Cushion

Last but not least, one should first determine what the use for the cushion will be. It can be placed on sofas, in front of your bedroom pillows, scattered on your rug or deewan, or in any other place. Cushions can be immensely versatile and thus will go with almost every room. So, pinpointing where you would like to place your pillows will help you choose the design or pattern you would want to incorporate in it.

For example, if you keep the cushion, you can go for a custom pillow photo – a photo of you and your loved ones printed on your cushion. Again, monogram cushions suit best for one’s bedroom. Thus, the placement of the cushion is a huge factor in the design of the pillow. 

Custom pillow printing is now done by almost every printing company. All you have to do is go on Google and search for custom pillow near me to get tons of printing houses to do your pretty custom pillows. However, we suggest taking a good look at the reviews of these companies to determine the quality they provide and whether they specialize in the kind of product you are looking for. 


Thus we can conclude that getting a custom pillow or a custom pillow cover done takes a lot more time, effort, and patience than most people are aware of. While it is a time-consuming process, the result is worth all the effort – you just have to be clear about what you want and have fun while choosing designs, photos, and patterns for your pillows. We hope the tips mentioned above help you in your process of making the perfect custom pillows or custom pillow covers for your home.

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