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The Right Way to Do Winter Pool Maintenance

Winter pool maintenance is imperative whether you are wrapped in a blanket of snow or sitting outside and enjoying the warm sun. it is because taking care of your pool now can save you loads of money in the future. When it is time to reopen your pool for Spring, the damage caused by freezing temperature can cost you a fortune if you did not properly maintain your pool during winters. You must learn to maintain your investment by protecting your swimming pool from winter damage.

Pool Covers

In a region with cold temperatures, pool closing begins immediately right after the pool season in order to protect your pool from the prevailing harsh and unfavorable climatic conditions. Adding a pool cover is imperative as it protects the swimming pool from the snow, debris, and animals seeking shelter from the cold. Therefore, it is vital need for pool owners to learn to operate these covers and keep them in shape. They must ensure that the cover is fully attached to the pool with secured bolts and keep it maintained by removing dirt and other garbage from the cover surface regularly. Snow must be removed too as excess weight can cause the covers to break and ruin the inside of your swimming pool.

Pool Parts

Pool parts are often forgotten as they are tucked out of sight when they are not being used. Despite the weather condition of your geographical location, these pool parts must be maintained and cleaned thoroughly in order to keep them running smoothly and as well as new. For this, the owners must check their pool pumps, filters, and heater regularly to ensure smooth operations. However, if these parts are not maintained then they can cause a whopping amount of maintenance bills in the future that may be a great loss for the owners. Moreover, when you are checking these parts, you must ensure that all excess water is dried out as it can freeze in the winters and jam your pool pipes from the inside. When you are in doubt with your pool maintenance, you can always call upon professionals, like Clear Tec Pool, to audit your swimming pool with the right knowledge and equipment.

Winter Pool Chemistry

Many pool owners do not drain out their swimming pool completely because chemically balanced water is the key to have a clean and healthy swimming pool. It is so that balanced water prevents algae, waterlines, bacteria, and other contaminations. This way, it becomes rather easier for pool owners to reopen their pools in the spring season. To maintain pool chemistry, the owners should check the status of the chemical every two months when the pool is closed. Signs of algae will tell that the chemicals are imbalanced and need to be checked. For the coming season, always drain out the previous chemicals and use fresh ones instead. The use of enzymes is appreciated as it can help break down non-living contamination and ensure that the waterline ring does not form. This product also saves the owners from scrubbing the tiles as it can keep them clean as well.

Even if you are living in a warm climate throughout the year, pool maintenance is a must to keep the water clean. It is because swimming in the same water for an entire year can cause many health problems that may be fatal in nature.

Winter Freeze Alerts

When the temperatures finally start to go down, the last thing pool owners want to see is a pipe breakage due to winter freeze. Having the knowledge when it is time to get your pool ready for the upcoming season can save you from any potential damages.

This guideline can help you open and close your swimming pools accordingly.

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