Success For Students With Disabilities

It is hard to acquire learning through conventional learning strategies for students with learning disabilities. In addition, dropout rates are much higher for this demographic than for its peers. Fortunately, students with disabilities will succeed at school with the right tools and adapted teaching and learning strategies.  College should be an exciting time for students, but the classroom atmosphere can be overwhelming for students with learning disabilities. Common forms of learning disorders include, among others, dyslexia, dyscalculia and language disorders.

Math, letters, reading and the use of visual details can be associated with difficulties. Students with these conditions also have difficulties applying to college and completing a standard programme for students of their own generation. Fortunately, schools can assist students with learning difficulties in many ways. Some colleges, for example, have accommodation to meet the needs of students.

This include adaptive technologies, support groups and advanced academic counselling, which assist students in carrying out their courses and exams in the best fit. Furthermore, most colleges have an office with dedicated staff to help students with learning disabilities get the support they need to make the academic journey successful.

Students with disabilities may meet the difficulties they face by providing adequate counselling, accommodation and training for their higher education. 

See the following resource for more information on college performance for this demographic:

Source: College Success For Students With Disabilities 

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