10 Reasons Why Short Explanatory Videos Are The Most Important Marketing Tool For Small Businesses

Hurrah! It’s time to pitch your sales. You’ve done the research part right. Now its time to express your company’s capabilities and impress the customers. Now if I’m not wrong some businesses struggle when it comes to explaining different aspects of their services and how they are going to serve a specific client. Are you one of those service providers wondering how to do it perfectly? Let me explain it to you.

If I asked you to explain your business in 10-15 seconds, I bet you would say “How is it possible to clear my value propositions or bring awareness about my business or products to people, just in 10-15 seconds?”

 But to be very honest it’s exactly the average attention span that people require have. CEOs and CFOs and the top brass are no different.

According to the recent study, 96% of people watch animated explainer videos to understand better about products or businesses. Instead of reading a lengthy user manual or article or blog, people prefer to watch a short explanatory video and get a quick view.

So, we can also say that this is one of the main reasons that having a short explanatory video is the wise approach to take your business to amazing success. 

Let’s scroll to learn 10 more reasons why short explanatory videos are the most important marketing tool for small businesses. And why explainer video production has become a necessity.

  1. Boost up conversation rate:
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According to a recent survey report, 85% of people are motivated by small animated explainer videos that may lead them to purchase products. I think this is the best way to convert visitors to active customers.

However, explainer video production not only clarifies your business goals but allows you to keep track of multiple things. It may include the number of visitors, number of views on each video (that also tells you in which product or category users are more interested), or much more. Video production can also help you to improve your business productivity.

  • Improves customer engagement:
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Nowadays, attracting more customers is becoming a big challenge, as everyone is using different marketing strategies.  Just providing concise information, gaining customer’s interest is not only the concern. Now, saving people’s time with putting less effort is also added to the list.

One study state that information retention in people’s minds through video is 95%  whereas reading text is just 10%. So, making engaging video content would be a great help for your business.

Wow, can you believe that a few seconds video not only grabs your customer’s attention but also helps in building a long-term relationship?

  • Increase social shares:

Higher brand awareness leads to more business sales.

Thinking about how to improve your brand awareness? Don’t worry,  explainer video production can help you a lot in getting amazing results and staying competitive as well.

All you need to do is uploading your brand or product’s animated explainer videos on different social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. There are more chances of increasing your product leads and sales by getting your video viral on those platforms.

One of the researches says that around 93%  of explainer video companies that use this marketing strategy got tremendous growth in their business.

Also, if you want to further increase your brand awareness then try to create mobile-optimized videos because as per research, around 92% of the people watch and share videos on mobile.

  • Better Search ranking:

Every business wants to see its brand in the top searches of Google. And for this, whiteboard animation videos are known to be the key to success.

As per statics, websites using explanatory videos rank 50x times more on Google’s first page as compared to others.

Believe me, short explanatory videos are trending nowadays.  As it not only increases the click-through rate but also improves your online visibility.

As much as users spent time on your page or website, it will impact search results, the latest Google’s algorithm says. If the user is spending much time on your page then it means there is something relevant and interesting that user is likely enjoying. 

Free Hot Tip: Creating attractive, short, and informative videos can attract more customers and help you rank better in google search—it’s a win-win situation for you. Ain’t it?

  • Increase Product Understandability:

Are you in the launching phase of your product? Worrying about how people are going to understand the same concept? No problem, just make a short explanatory video and clarify your idea easily and in an engaging manner.

You will see the great flow of sales because people will be more likely to purchase your product once they understand more clearly about it. Short explanatory videos not only help you to clearly define your complex products/services but are also considered beneficial for other aspects of small businesses too.

  • Cost-effective:
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Small businesses always aim to earn more by spending less. They always try to find an affordable alternate of expensive marketing strategies. According to the world’s top brands, animated explainer videos are the best solution to their problem that will help them in making their dream true.

All you need to do is 2 steps:

  • Take your smartphone.
  • Install any best video editing software and start creating a short explanatory video.

Are you still uncomfortable with making a video on your own? No worries, explainer video companies can help you in doing this task, at very affordable packages.

So get ready to present your brand at a large scale, at a low cost.

  • Competitive Edge:

According to estimates, the rise of using video content on the web is on the peak since 2018.  Almost 80% of internet traffic is video content. If you seriously want to stay competitive in the market then we can’t ignore short explanatory videos. Because if people don’t know about you then why they would become your customer?

Same is the case with competitors; if they don’t know about you, your products and goals then why they would compete you or how will you stay competitive in the market?

Let’s think about it and start working on explanatory videos today using 3D of 2D animation software.

  • Make it fun:
Different design

You can think of explanatory videos just like hosting a party. Where people want entertainment so that they remember it and come back again.  The more fun you added while making the video, the more people will enjoy it while watching.

Even if you want to choose a professional tone in your video, there is no restriction. You can use it with a catchy jingle.

  • Reading VS Watching:

Reading text or watching videos… Guess who would win this competition? Yeah! Of course, watching a video. Nowadays everyone is too busy with their tough routine. Who has got the time to take out a minimum of 15-20 minutes from their busy schedule and read about your product or brand.

Also, we can’t ignore the fact that the video processes 50,000 times faster than reading lengthy chunks of text. That’s why people prefer to watch a video instead of reading lots of text.

So, if you want people to bear your product in their mind than going for an explanatory video is the best option.

  1. Strong Relation With Your Audience:
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Usually, the storytelling style used in video content is absorbed easily and understood well by people. So it may help you in developing trust and build long-term relationships with your customers.

Stories are powerful enough especially when you are using animated explainer videos to tell your audience that your brand understands their struggles and you are here to help them.

With 2d animation software characters and scenarios, you can create characters and resemble them with your targeted audience. It will let the clients know that you know them and are here to serve them better.

Animated videos also help you to develop a sentimental connection between your brand and the expected audience that may also associate with positive emotions.

If you reach that level of emotional interaction with users, you already won the half battle.

Bottom Line:

I hope now you understand the reasons behind the importance of video content as a marketing tool for small businesses.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating high-quality animated explainer videos now and get ready to measure your success.

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