RTP in Brick & Mortar vs Online Slots

For those of you that were introduced to gambling in the mid to late 1990s, the chances are that your first experiences were at an online casino. In fact, there is a generation out there that can be excused if they do not know that land-based casinos actually do still exist. 

Before the mid 1990s and the online gambling revolution that took place during this time, brick and mortar casino establishments were pretty much the only places where slots and table games could be played.

However, all this changed and now we find ourselves in an era where gamblers have chosen online casinos over land-based casinos – check out Jackhammer 2 RTP. The question is, has this affected how much punters have won, and which establishment has the best scores when it comes to the RTP and slots? 

Land-Based Casinos 

Firstly, the slot choice at brick-and-mortar establishments is far smaller than online casinos and this can mean that the house edge is higher, because of this. There are more costs involved in keeping a land-based casino ship shape and again this can be passed onto the customer with poor slot RTP scores. All casinos are out to make a profit and slots are the top money spinners at all casinos. However, this is more the case at land-based casinos. Your typical online slot boasts an RTP of 95%, whilst slots at land-based casinos can have RTP scores as low as 75%. No online punter in their right mind would give a slot with an RTP score of 75% the time of day. 

The main reasons for these very low scores are that land-based casinos need to pay hosts, security, waiters, bartenders and other staff. They also have to maintain the actual casinos and the expensive slot machines within them. With all this in mind, the chances are that if you are accustomed to playing online slots, then moving to brick-and-mortar slots could be a barren, bonus free and frustrating experience. 

Online Casinos 

Online casinos have far more customers, fewer overheads and nothing physical to maintain. Therefore, they can afford to be far looser with their slots, and this is usually expressed in more generous RTP scores. Some online slots boast RTP scores of 97% or more and this is something that is rarely seen at land-based establishments. 

·         Land-based casinos pass the cost of maintaining their establishments to the customer and this is expressed in low RTP slot game scores 

·         Brick and Mortar casinos have fewer customers to make money from 

·         RTP scores at land-based casinos can be as low as 75% 

Final Thoughts 

You might find a night out at a casino fun and sociable, with gambling way down the pecking order of your priorities. If this is the case, then 1. Land-based casinos offer the best social experience. 2. Online casinos are more focused on gambling and not socializing. 3. Slots are best played at online casinos, where you have more choice, than at land-based establishments.

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