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Who isn’t aware of Wedgwood, the rug brand famous for hand-tufting some of the finest designer floor coverings, featuring stunning designs! What had started out as a humble pottery business, has now grown up to be a global lifestyle brand with best interior designers in your area. Of the many products that it offers today, luxurious and elegant rugs are one of them. You will be surprised to learn that this brand celebrated its 260th-anniversary last year, marking its worldwide success and fame. Collaboration with Brink and Campman was another feather in its cap.

How to Home Decor

With such a collection under its hood, a sale is bound to trigger excitement in buyers and fuel shopping spree in them. Before don’t you think it’s important to learn about each of their designs, their inspiration and in what way will these contribute to the beauty of your home décor? The article today shall shed light on them. Read on to get a closer view of its rugs.

• Wild Strawberry – Ideal Way to Incorporate English Country Charm

Wedgwood strawberry is a great way to provide your rooms with a contemporary update. Inspired by the British tradition of serving succulent strawberries with cream as dessert and the typical beauty of the English country gardens, this design is a charming addition in a bedroom or living room. Hand-tufted with pure new wool or viscose, the range features delicate patterns of leaves, flowers and of course, strawberries. Available in three colourways – navy, cream and tonal.

• Arris – Geometric Designs at their Best

In love geometric styles in rugs? Wedgwood collection has quite a few in an elegant geometric design to add to your home. Unlike the rest, it draws inspiration from Art Deco and features metallic gold viscose details throughout. Making a statement or lending a lavish look is easy with this range. Grab it without second thoughts whenever there’s a Wedgwood Arris sale in future! Pink, teal, grey and cream are four distinct colour choices at your disposal.

• Folia – The Best Way to Feel Nature Indoors

Inspired by nature and its organic forms, Wedgwood Folia rugs stand for sheer simplicity and understated luxury. The contemporary design is a perfect match for every home décor style. If you are fond of nature (who isn’t!), you are bound to fall for the soft botanical patterns all over it. The pure new wool composition further brings out the best in them by making them durable and long-lasting. For those interested, it’s available in three colourways – navy, grey and stone in both rectangular and round shapes.

• Fabled Floral – Timeless Floor Accent

If you are looking to uplift your rooms populated with plain furnishing with something timeless, then go for the Fabled Floral rugs. Inspired from chinoiserie, it features a paisley design and carved shapes with metallic gold viscose threads shimmering under the light. Navy and grey are two colour variants available for shoppers.

• Tonquin – Opulence Personified

Longing to lend a lavish touch to your home décor? Welcome Tonquin rugs into your residence to successfully add a touch of luxury without paying through the nose to achieve the look. Available in blue, charcoal and cream colourways, these are a visual treat indoors, making for an awesome focal point.

• Paeonia – The Key to a Chintz Look

Much like Fabled Floral, Paeonia style draws inspiration from Chinoiserie and lends feminine touch indoors. Available in two colourways of taupe and blush coral, it’s a perfect foundation of a contemporary interior. Pure new wool with viscose details characterises its look.

• Hummingbird – Showcase your Love for Exquisite Birds

Capture the beauty of hummingbirds onto the floors of your home with this floral style rug! It’s probably an ideal way to embrace the loveliness of nature indoors. In a neutral set-up, it’s a brilliant burst of colours, proving itself as a great statement piece. Much like its peers, it’s hand-tufted from pure new wool with delicate wefts of shimmery viscose for a lustrous finish.

• Intaglio – Ideal Way to Add a Dramatic Focal Point

Last but not least is Intaglio rugs. You can recognize them right away from the geometric patterns, typically the repetitive rectangular ones. Modernize your home décor with any of them – blue, black or grey.
Hope we could give you a closer shot of Wedgwood’s iconic patterns on rugs. Shopping will be way easier now. Don’t forget to refer to this article to draw a general idea about the floor coverings and room decoration ideas from.


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