Pay by phone slots to try

Paying by phone slot machines ensures that casinos offer players the option to pay their phone bills to their pay by phone casino accounts. This payment technique is an easy and fast process for players. This is because it does not include any detail about the transfer of credit and/or debit cards.

This was launched in 2020 and its popularity is on the rise. Lots of casino sites are selling this new form of payment. When you find a casino platform that sells pay by phone slots, you’ll find a number of slots to pick from.

Jurassic Wins Online Slots

This slot is far from an outdated one. It’s both relevant and influential. Gamers will be taken to the fictional setting of Jurassic park. Players love this slot because of its relation to the classic film. This slot is full of screaming dinosaurs and classic theme songs. Jurassic win slots are focused on 9 lines. It’s compliant with iPhone and android. It’s made of bonus games and additional perks. What makes this game much more popular is the opportunity to pay by phone. With an RTP of 96.67%, dinosaurs don’t seem so scary. This slot is one you need to try. Not only is it entertaining and interactive, you have a good chance of winning your bet.

White wizard slot

Abracadabra have some money. Do you believe in magic? Are you a Harry Potter fan? If you just answered no, are you okay? For all aspiring wizards and witches out there, this slot is for you. Do not worry if you have not received your Hogwarts acceptance letter, this slot is open to everyone (within the legalised age limit). Be transported to a world of mythical creatures’ ad magical symbols. Be guided by the white wizard, play the game. Practice the game. Try your luck. If luck is on your side, you may even have to open your own Gringotts bank vault.

Cops and robbers’ slot

I mentioned this slot to someone, and they didn’t get the reference (how old am I?) Relive your childhood with this iconic slot. This slot is simple yet entertaining. Sometimes traditional and straight forward is more exciting than modern and futuristic themes. This is the case with the cops and robbers’ slot. With the option of free spins, gamers can try their luck without any risks. The graphics in the background are amusing and link with the cops and robbers’ theme perfectly.

Sugar train

This is the last slot I am going to recommend however there are a lot of great online slots that offer the pay by phone payment method. Sugar train is up there with the current trends. It is packed with bright and vivid colours. The gameplay is colourful and inviting. I have recommended this one as it is very simple. It is probably the simplest online slot there is. It is perfect for beginners. Even though it is simple, it is entertaining and fun.

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