New Bloggers Make 9 Mistakes – (Blogging Mistakes)

Common Mistakes in Blogging – Free Traffic and Visitors to Your Blog? You’re trying a lot, but it seems impossible to find visitors to the blog from Google search? So, maybe you are also making some common mistakes, for which your blog is not getting traffic and visitors. (Blogging tips in Bangla for beginners).

As a blogger, there are many things you may not know when you start anew. And, in this case you can make a variety of mistakes (blogging mistakes).

As a result of this kind of mistake made in blogging, the traffic to your blog does not come and as a result you get frustrated and think of quitting blogging. Of course, mistakes made in blogging can ruin your blogging career completely.

But, remember, if you are aware of the common mistakes of blogging and blogging from the very beginning, then there will be no problem in getting traffic and visitors to the blog from search engines.

So, to be successful in blogging and to be a professional blogger, you don’t just have to write articles on the blog. You need to be aware of the mistakes you are making unknowingly.

In this article, I will tell you about 9 mistakes that many new bloggers are making. And, maybe you’re making the same mistake in your blogging career.

But, believe me, if you don’t correct these 9 mistakes made in blogging, you will never become a successful blogger.

New Bloggers Make 9 Mistakes (Blogging Mistakes)

What do we mean by successful blogger or professional blogger today? A successful blogger or professional blogger means a person who is making a lot of money online through blogging and whose blog is getting millions of traffic and visitors.

But, if you are making the following mistakes, then the chances of traffic or visitors coming to your blog from search engines will be greatly reduced. And, as a result, your dream of becoming a successful blogger will remain a dream.

So, read and understand the topics I am talking about below.

1. Use low quality hosting

About 90% of you bloggers are using a low quality or cheap hosting. The hosting quality of a website or blog is but entirely responsible for its success.

Because, when you use a cheap, local and bad web hosting, your blog will work much slower. As the loading speed of the blog decreases, the server or website will be more down.

In this way, Google Search considers your blog to be a low quality blog, and the chances of traffic and visitors coming to your blog from Google search are reduced by 75%.

So, when creating a blog, never make the mistake of buying a local and cheap web hosting. All the time, buy hosting from good quality, reputed and branded hosting companies.

In my previous article, I told you about the best and best hosting companies. These hosting companies will give you good quality hosting.

2. Do not use free domain names

If you want to earn money online from blogs by working as a professional blogger, you don’t have to work with a free domain. I have seen many bloggers who have created blogs on and are using free blogspot domain URL Address.

Remember, you can buy a premium domain (.com, .in, .info, .org) for much less money. Nowadays, premium domain names are available for around Rs.100 to Rs.300.

So, as a result of using a free domain name instead of just buying a premium domain for a few bucks, your blog is getting less traffic or visitors from search engines.

And so, maybe blogging is a big reason for you not to succeed in your career.

3. Do not do keyword research and optimization

Writing articles on blogs without keyword research and keyword optimization is the biggest mistake of bloggers. And, that’s the reason 95% of bloggers fail.

Keyword research

I have already told you why keyword research is important in blogging.

In fact, “keyword research” is a part of search engine optimization (seo). In this part, before writing an article on a blog, you have to save some keywords related to the topic or topic you are writing an article on. And, then we write articles targeting the surviving keywords.

But, at the same time, you have to find out in advance which keywords are profitable or which keywords are being searched more in Google search engine.

Moreover, the competition for the surviving keywords is more or less the same, we can know that through keyword research.

Through keyword research, we can find out which keywords are profitable and which ones are not profitable to target.

For example, if you are thinking of writing an article on a keyword “How to create a blog”, then by keyword research you will be able to know the keyword, “How many times a month Google search is done”, “The competition for that keyword is more or less”. .

So, by doing keyword research, you can easily find profitable keywords and write articles targeting them and get more traffic and visitors from Google search.

You will need to use some online tools to do keyword research. E.g.,

  • Ubersuggest (Free Keyword Research Tool).
  • Google keyword planner (free research tool).
  • Ahrefs (the most popular tool) (Paid).
  • Semrush (Best Keyword Research Tool) (Paid).
  • Kwfinder (my favorite tool) (paid).

Lastly, if you are writing an article without doing keyword research, then there is an 80% chance that you are writing an article on a blog by targeting the wrong keywords.

And, as a result, even if the quality of the article is good, your blog is not getting traffic and visitors from search engines at all.

Keyword optimization

Above I told you about keyword research. Now, through keyword research, we can find profitable keywords for our blog articles. But, then we need to do keyword optimization.

With keyword optimization, we need to use the keywords we find in certain areas of the blog article.

For example, in the article, title, description, URL Address, image alt tag, in the first paragraph of the article and in some other parts of the article.

This will make it easier for search engines to understand that your article is related to that targeted keyword. As a result, targeted keywords give your blog articles a chance to get more search engine traffic and visitors.

As a result of not doing keyword optimization in a good way, despite writing good articles, your articles are not ranking in the top 10 results of Google search engine. And, 90% of Bengali bloggers are doing it wrong.

Finally, in today’s age of competition, if you want to be successful in your blogging career and get more traffic or visitors to your blog, you need to do “keyword research” and then “keyword optimization”.

Of course, if you have created a blog using WordPress, you can easily do keyword optimization in your article using the Yoast free SEO plugin.

4. Use of free low quality theme

Whichever WordPress or blogger you are using, never use a free low quality theme. As I said before, you need to have a clean and fast blog to get visitors and traffic from Google.

So, if you are using a low quality free theme, then that theme is not well coded and the chances of a theme update are very low.

Moreover, a free theme is created by independent developers. So, the quality of those free themes is not good and as a result your blog becomes slow and with that the quality of the blog is very bad.

So, as a new blogger, you will not make the same mistakes that many people are making. Buy a good and premium blog theme even if it costs some money and use it on your own blog.

You will get better and lower price WordPress and blogger premium theme from themeforest.

If you use a premium WordPress theme on your blog or website, the loading speed of your blog will be fast, the blog will not be slow and regular theme updates will keep your blog safe and high quality.

Moreover, in premium themes you will find many kinds of advanced features or functions, which are not available in a free theme.

Lastly, if you are thinking of using a free theme in your WordPress blog without buying a premium theme when you start working in a new way, then use the free WordPress themes below.

  • Astra (the fastest and cleanest free WordPress theme).
  • OceanWP (my all time favorite free WordPress theme).

5. Lack of consistency

I have seen many blogs or bloggers who spend a lot of time publishing articles on their blogs. Most of the time, he publishes 1 or 2 articles a month.

And, it’s too late to update the blog too late.

If you want to be successful in blogging, and get more traffic and visitors from Google search, you need to publish regular articles on your own blog.

If you do not work with consistency, success can be very difficult.

So, update your blog regularly and publish at least 2 articles on your blog every week.

If you publish a good article on a regular blog, the blog will get a good impression in the eyes of Google search. And, it increases the chances of getting traffic from search engines.

6. Low quality article will not work

I have seen a lot of Bengali blogs and bloggers, they do not use some general rules when writing articles on the blog. As a result of this mistake, what they publish becomes a low quality article.

No one likes to read a low quality article and it is very difficult to get traffic to a low quality article even from search engines.

So, when writing a blog article according to some general rules, you can improve the quality of your article.

Rules for writing high quality articles –

It is not possible to write a shorter article. Write articles within a minimum of 1000 words.
When writing an article, write the article in short paragraphs. This will make it easier for your visitors to read the article you are reading and will also make it look much better and clearer.
Occasionally use H tags (h2, h3, h4) in articles.
You have to write the article with complete details or information with good knowledge about the topic you are writing the article about.
Use at least one image in your blog article. And, before uploading the image, resize and compress it well.
So friends, before writing an article on a blog, if you write an article following these general rules, the quality of your article will be much better.

In this way, visitors will get better after reading the article and Google will also rank your article easily.

The quality of the article written in the blog is the identity of your blog. And, to be successful in your blogging career, it is important to pay close attention to this from the very beginning.

7. Does not use interlinking process

As far as I have seen in Bengali blogs, 80% of the bloggers are not using the technique of interlink blog posts while writing articles. This process is one of the best means of on page SEO and, for good search engine optimization, interlink process is a must.

Now, as you can see in the picture above, I first used a link in some part of my article. And, that link is the interlink.

Because, that link is a link to another article written on my blog. Whenever anyone clicks on that link, they will be taken to that other article on my blog.

That way, when you write an article on a blog, you have to link to other articles in the blog that are related to that article.

This process is called interlinking blog post or article. This medium is very important for proper SEO.

And, if you are not interlinking in a blog article, then this is your big mistake.

8. Blog and website loading speed

How many of you have meditated on the loading speed of your blog? Can you tell, how fast your blog loads?

I can, my blog is fully loaded in any web browser in just 2 seconds.

However, if you do not pay attention to this matter, do you know how much damage is being done to your blog as a result?

A blog with a slow loading speed, which takes more than 6 seconds to load in the browser, 90% of its visitors or traffic leaves the blog without opening it completely.

Because, no one likes a slow loading blog. I or you, never wait more than 5 to 6 seconds just to open the website.

So, one of the best mistakes a blogger can make is not keeping an eye on how fast his blog or website is loading and opening in a web browser.

Moreover, Google search engine (Google search engine), a blog with a slow loading speed is never good. And, as a result, the chances of getting traffic or visitors to your blog from the Google search engine are reduced by 75%.

So, if your blog is not getting traffic or very few visitors from search engines, it may be due to your “slow loading speed of the blog”.

So, all the time, use good and best web hosting, use fast and fast theme blogs. Also, before uploading photos to the blog, compress and shrink them.

With this, your blog will always be fast and fast.

9. Do not block or noindex duplicate pages

Google comes to our blog through its algorithm, and goes to the various links in the blog and submits them to its search results.

In this case, Google records some duplicate pages, duplicate tags and duplicate article posts of our blog.

For example, the URL of our blog article should be “”. And, you want Google to submit your blog article to you with this Url Address.

But, many times in many cases, many url addresses of a blog article can be created, which we call duplicate pages.

For example, “” or “” are duplicate pages of the original article page of your blog “”. .

All of these types of duplicate pages show the same article or content as the original page at your original URL address.

Now, Google is confused and as a result it does not understand the real URL address of the article written in your blog.

As a result of having different URL addresses for the same content or article, Google does not show any of them in its search results. Because, he takes that article or content as duplicate content.

So, we keep wondering why the blog is not getting traffic, why Google is not sending visitors to the blog. But, in the meantime, there is a big mistake that we do not understand.

So, as a blogger never make this mistake.

After creating the blog, nofolow or block all kinds of category and tag pages of the blog. In this case you can block the blog category or tag page using the “robots.txt” file.

In this way, Google search algorithm will not record those pages in its search and there will be no fear of duplicate article page or duplicate url address in search engine.

Our last word,

So, many of my friends as a new blogger are shooting the mistakes I mentioned above. And, as a result of these deadly blogging mistakes, their blogs are not getting traffic or visitors from Google search.

If you are a blogger, and if your blog is not getting traffic or visitors, then take a good look, “Are you making this mistake too?”.

I have learned about all these mistakes and made mistakes in my 6 year blogging career. So, I don’t want you to waste your time like me on these important things of blogging.

So, I told you everything.

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