How Megaways Slot Games differ from other slots

When Charles D. Fey was applying the finishing touches to his Liberty Bell machine back in the 1890s he definitely didn’t think that he would end up being the catalyst for the biggest gambling revolution in history. There have been incredibly popular games before like roulette of course, but still nothing on the level of online slots such as Tornado: Farm Escape, that’s something you just can’t really argue with. 

You see, somewhere where slots are able to differentiate themselves from other gambling games is their almost endless capacity to evolve and be reinvented. The recent invention of Megaways slots is a great example of this, with the renowned developer Big Time Gaming taking the original slots format and boosting it into the future! Want to know how Megaways slot games differ from other slots? Keep reading to find out. 

A basic round-up of Megaways slot games 

Before we get into any specifics we’re just going to give a basic round-up of Megaways slot games here, because despite their rampant popularity these days, there are still going to be slot gamblers who aren’t particularly familiar with the Megaways game mechanic. In essence, Megaways slot games are titles that work using random reel modifiers in order to give gamblers a hell of a lot more ways to win than ever before. 

Most Megaways slots can have well over 100,000 ways to win, which puts the previous 243 ways to win slots to shame. As you can imagine, playing Megaways slots is therefore an outrageously fun and exciting time, so there is no wonder that they have become so popular in such a short amount of time. 

The history of Megaways slots 

The history of Megawyas slots is also interesting, even though it only really spans a few years. Big Time Gaming were working on the concept for a while, and the first Megaways game to really turn heads on a commercial scale was Bonanza, released back in 2016. Gamblers were wowed by its 117,649 ways to win, and other Megaways games quickly followed. 

Big Time Gaming quickly realised the potential of their invention, and only a couple of years later they decided to licence the use of their patented game mechanic to other developers. As a result there are now plenty of Megaways games coming from various developers, it’s all fantastic news for us gamblers! 

Key differences between Megaways slot games and other slots 

There are a number of key differences between Megaways slot games and other slots, here they are: 

·         No pay lines: Unlike most other online slots, Megaways slot games don’t have any pay lines, using a cluster pay mechanism instead.

·         Cascading reels: Most Megaways slots have cascading reels, which means that winning combinations disappear to allow more icons to fall from above.

·         More reels: Megaways slots also typically have more reels than most, often having 6 reels, with the option of an added 7th reel running along the top.

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