Making money playing your favourite slot

With excellent graphics and fun gameplay, it can sometimes be forgotten that the main benefit of playing slots is winning money! While the most important factor of any slot game should be how much players enjoy it, there is nothing like the feeling of finally winning some money. There are actually a variety of ways to win money playing slots, from online bonuses to slot tournaments. There is no definite way to make money on slots but perhaps that’s what makes playing Wizard Slots so fun. Below we have a short list of the best ways we believe players can make money playing your favourite slots! 

Look for the Best Odds 

When deciding on what slot machine to play, instead of seeing what the theme is like or what the specific game play is, why not check out the RTP percentage? This is the return to play and is the percentage of returns the player will eventually get. Online slots usually average around an RTP of 95%, however the highest RTP ever recorded was a generous 99%! Of course there are other factors you need to consider, for example the RTP usually increases the higher a players stake, so you need to think about whether playing at a higher stake is going to be suitable for your own budget. You should also look out for the volatility of a slot, usually the higher the volatility the less a slot pays out, but when it does pay out it is a much higher amount. So if your playing style is more suited to the type of gambling where you take large risks then you should consider playing a highly volatile online slot. 

Online Bonuses and Offers 

When signing up to online casino websites, remember to take into consideration the bonuses and offers they have. Every casino will offer promotions of some kind to players, new and old. Usually there is some sort of loyalty scheme on offer for players who are planning to stick around for a while, this can have amazing benefits for these players such as extra games/coins or free access to other types of games. The best part about these loyalty schemes is that they are completely free! As long as you are planning on consistently playing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for a loyalty scheme. Once the benefits are made available to you, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the bonuses on offer! 

Remember to be Responsible! 

The most important advice when it comes to making money while playing online slots is to be responsible, set yourself a budget and stick to it! If the game is making you feel anxious or unhappy, then it’s time to stop for a while. Gambling in a negative headspace or being irresponsible with your money is not going to lead to you making the best decisions with your money! 

Final Thoughts 

There’s such a wide variety of games available, with different features and bonuses, there is no better time to win some money playing slots! Making money from slots shouldn’t be the most important factor when it comes to playing slots, but you should keep in mind things such as volatility and RTP when deciding what to play.

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