Make Money Online Easily From PTC Website

So we have told you about many ways to earn money from the internet. Among them, I have already said that the best way to earn money online from blogs and through YouTube. Today I will tell you how to make money online from PTC website.

Bose at home can easily earn money online through PTC site without any skills or strategies. But hey, you have to have the knowledge of general internet usage.

Because the whole thing is connected to the internet. And, you have to do things using the internet.

Thus, using PTC sites, you can start earning online from the first day without any problems.

Because, to make money from this type of website, you only have to do some small tasks.

And, this kind of work can be done by anyone who has a general knowledge of the Internet.

For example, for students or women to earn money online at home, this type of PTC site can prove to be a lot of work.

So let us know below, “What is PTC site” and “How to make money from PTC website?”. (What Is PTC Website In Bangla).

Moreover, below I will name some of the best and best PTC sites, which are currently trusted and which will give you the most money.

What is PTC website? (What Is PTC Website)

PTC site means “paid to click” website. This type of website is especially dependent on online advertising. And, specifically a PTC Website pays you to click on its ad and view the ad.

PTC websites take money from various online advertisers and then show the advertisement of their product, service or website on their website.

And then, when people like us, create an account on those PTC sites for the purpose of making money, click or see them on those ads, then PTC websites give us some part of the money taken from the advertiser.

This way, you can create an account on the Paid to click (PTC) website with a Gmail account, just look at the ads and do some simple work, you can easily earn money at home.

So, “What is PTC website”, now you understand the matter.

How to make money from PTC website?

In addition to just clicking on the ad or viewing the ad, you can earn money from PTC sites through many other means.

  • Earn From Online Survey: In PTC sites you are given different types of survey work. These surveys will ask you a variety of questions. And, if you complete each survey well, you are paid about ড 0.5 to ২ 2 per 5 to 10 minute survey.
  • Refer A Friend: You can earn money by referring your friends and family members. The more people create an account through your referral, the more referral bonus you will be given.
  • Complete Different Tasks: Here you can earn more through different types of offers or work, such as playing games, downloading applications, daily tasks, etc.
  • Earn By Watching Ads: The easiest way to earn money from PTC web site is to earn income by watching advertisements. You can start earning money just by looking at the ads. However, you are paid much less for each ad viewed. So, the more ads you see, the higher the amount of income.

To make money from PTC website, you need to do something like this. And, you can use PayPal, Payoneer, payza, skrill etc. to withdraw the earned money.

What are the best and most profitable PTC websites? (Top 5)

As such, there are many PTC sites on the Internet that can give you the opportunity to earn at home. However, not all of them can be genuine. Most of them are fake ptc websites which will not pay you later.

So, below I will tell you the names of the 5 best and trusted PTC websites, which will definitely give you the money you deserve for your work.

After reading various reviews and articles on the internet, I found these websites to be 100% trusted and genuine.

Remember, the process of creating or registering an account on every PTC site is almost the same. And, then the means of working on them and almost equal.


If you are going to make money through PTC website for the first time, then use neobux website first. Because, many people have used this website and it is very easy to make money from here.

By registering on the Neobux ptc website, you can start earning money immediately through advertisements. Hey, you get paid দেখার 0.002 for each ad viewed. And the more ads you see, the higher your income will be.

You can easily take the earned money to your bank account (bank account) through PayPal.

And, the minimum payment here is only $ 2.

NeoBux is one of the most trusted PTC sites and people are earning a lot of money online through its referral feature.


Ysense, formerly known as Clixsense, is a very old and trusted PTC site. Here, too, like other sites, you are paid instead of seeing ads.

However, you can answer various surveys to earn more money from Clixsense.

If you complete each survey well, you are paid around $ 0.2 to প্রত্যেক 2 or more.

As you can see in the picture above, you are given 4 to 5 new surveys every day. And, how much money you will be paid after completing the survey is also given there.

In addition to viewing and surveying ads, you can also earn money from clixsense or ysense by referring your friends and family members.

Instead of seeing each of the ads, you will be paid ২ 0.2.

Moreover, it is possible to make online income from ysense by doing many more kinds of small and big things.

The minimum PAYOUT here is ড 10. And, you can withdraw money through PayPal.

This pocket website to earn money by watching online advertisements is not bad. will pay you ০০ 0.005 for each ad viewed. And, you can earn unlimited money by watching unlimited ads.

However, if you want to earn money by watching advertisements from mobile, then that is also possible.

In addition to viewing ads, through the refer and earn feature, it is possible to earn money by referring others.

Here the minimum payment amount is $ 2 and the money earned, you can withdraw through PayPal or Payza.


If you are a student or any woman who wants to earn money online sitting at home, then you can earn money only by looking at online advertisements through paidverts.

PaidVerts is a general Paid To Click (PTC) website, where people are paid to view ads. Simply, instead of a few seconds of advertising, you get paid up to ০০ 0.005.

By going to the Paidverts Earners page, you will be able to know about the payment proof and the more money you have made at present.


Inboxdollars is a much better website where you can make a lot of easy money online.

Here you can earn money by watching online TV, doing online surveys, burning emails and many more.

In addition, you will receive a ৫ 5 bonus from Inboxdollars as soon as you create an account for the first time.

Here the minimum payout amount is $ 30.

Our last word,

So friends, above I told you, what is PTC website and how you can earn money from PTC website. Also, I mentioned some of the best and most trusted PTC sites.

Students and people who have free time at home can certainly earn money online by doing this kind of work. However, these are medium short term and some amount of income is best for ease.

However, I also learned about websites through the internet. I haven’t tried it myself. So, be sure to let us know your feelings in the comments after you use it.

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