The easiest way to make money from email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and important tool for marketing. Email marketing is such an effective technique that it can be used to promote products to many customers in a short period of time. Email marketing plays an important role in developing a business and building a close relationship with the customer. Various organizations are interested to promote their products or services. Organizations or many individuals are doing various things in this regard to earn money from email marketing.

Email marketing allows you to grow your business and reach specific customers. In the modern era, everyone uses email. Which results in better communication with the customer. Basically email marketing should be a central part of the overall marketing strategy of every business.

Earnings from email marketing

Admittedly, 2020 is the best year to make money from email marketing. Currently, the best ways to earn money from email marketing are to create PSD email templates, create email templates with HTML and CSS, convert email from PSD to HTML, create email templates and sell email content in various marketplaces.

However, in order to earn from all this, you have to learn the tasks from somewhere and acquire sufficient skills. Create an email list and discuss how to make money through affiliations.

What is Email Marketing?

The definition of email marketing is the promotion of a product or service to a specific customer via email.


  • To sell
  • To be bound with the customer
  • To acquire customers
  • To generate leads
  • To retain the customer
  • To gain loyalty

Why Email Marketing Works:

  • With the development of spam filters, emails have become more reliable than ever before.
  • The customer can be reached at the specified time.
  • Other types of promotions, such as websites, social media, etc., may not be received by the customer, but the email will reach the customer’s inbox.
  • The advantage of targeting specific customers.
  • It is easy to keep regular and many things are done automatically.
  • Suitable for businesses of any type and size.
  • Relatively cheap.
  •  In a very short time, the sales volume increases & more results are obtained for more publicity.

Earnings by creating email lists

For the website:

  • You need to have a popup form on the website. For this, you can use WordPress’s Lightbox Pop-up plugin.
  • You need to have a subscriber form on the website. In this case, you can use Mailchimp.

Without a website:

  • In this case, you have to keep the email submission form on social media, commenting on various posts, posting forums and promoting the affiliate through the landing page. You can use Dreamwaver for landing pages.

As time goes on, your list will continue to grow. You can do affiliate marketing on the one hand with emails, on the other hand you can earn money by selling it in marketplaces like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr.

Email Marketing Affiliate

1. First decide what type or subject to send the email Such as:

  • New Services: Informing the business about new products, services or business changes.
  • Updates: Notify when any part of the business is updated.
  • Events: Things you need to do on a special day are part of your business.
  • Co-marketing: Letting you know if you are associated with a marketer and launching a service.
  • Confirmation: If the customer completes any subject.
  • Greetings or Welcome or Thank you: When a customer subscribes, takes a service or sends an offer.
  • Time Offer: An offer that lasts for a certain period of time.
  • Excluded cart: The buyer was interested in buying, but for some reason did not complete the purchase. Used to remind them.
  • Videos or tutorials: Videos or online tutorials for your product

Then you need to determine the frequency of the page and what message to send to it.

2. Email service providers need to be fixed. Good Institutions (Accounts Monthly)

  • Mailchimp: Completely free for sending 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails.
  • Vertical Respose: Free for 1000 subscribers and 4000 emails.
  • GetResponse: 15
  • ActiveCampaign: 9
  • Benchmark Email: 9.95

Design pages (templates) for sending messages in emails, if you can’t, you can change the template provided by them. Sorting must be done for both computer and mobile. However, keep in mind that there will be a separate design template for each of the topics discussed in (

The email you created is ready to be sent. When sending, keep in mind that the customer will not be bothered if the automatic sends the email after how many days.

If your business is not improving by sending emails, analyze the tasks and take a good look at what kind of email you are giving to which type of customer.

Things to keep in mind-

  • Target specific customers
  • Focus on achieving goals in each campaign
  • Never spam
  • Don’t send unsolicited emails
  • Collect new emails
  • Design the emails in an interesting way

Email marketing allows you to grow your business and reach specific customers. Which results in better communication with the customer. If you take up email marketing for marketing and constantly send messages to your customers, the revenue from email marketing will grow your business. Remember it is not just about sending messages and selling products, it is about building long-term relationships with the customer. So it is a powerful tool to reach the goal.

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