How to write an article on your blog? How to write an article?

You may have guessed from the title of this article that we will discuss in this blog post today. We will discuss today, if you are thinking of creating a blog site, then how to write an article on that blog or how to write a blog, what kind of things you should keep in mind while writing an article. Many of you may be wondering how to write a blog or what to write in a blog. So, in this article, you will know everything.

Today, there are only two lucrative ways to make money online for anyone without offering service or products is to earn money by creating a blog and “make money by creating a YouTube channel”.

Of course, what is a blog and how to make money from blogs, just as it is easy to earn money by creating a blog, writing an article is not a straightforward task. How you write articles on a blog and how you write them is a very important part of a blog.

Because, after creating a blog and writing an article in it, you have nothing to do. Then there are social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc and search engine sites such as Google search, Yahoo search and Bing search.

Once you have written and posted an article on your blog, people will need to read the article you have written. People who are searching the internet for your article or want to know about the topic you have written about.

And you will get people, visitors or traffic to read your article on your blog from the social media website or search engine about which I said a little earlier.

\you have to write articles in your blog and articles in such a way that people from all over social media (Facebook, Twitter) or search engines (Google, Yahoo, bing) like to visit your blog and they like to read your article.

So, what to write on the blog? How to write a blog or how to write an article on a blog? What should I write a blog on so that people from all over social media and search engines come to our blog and read our articles?

I will answer all your questions one by one below. So you don’t have to worry.

What articles to write on the blog and how to write articles

The most important thing after creating a blog is whether we will write an article in our blog. Simply, what should I write on the blog or what should I write on the topic?

Now keep in mind that if people like what you write on your blog and visitors or traffic from search engines love your article, then you can create a blog in a very short time to be successful and earn money from it.

But, people will only like your article if you spell it or write on the blog with an advanced understanding of what you are going to write on your blog. In addition, it is very important to know the rules of writing articles on the blog if you want your blog to be successful.

What to write an article on the blog? What to write on the blog?

Remember to always write on any one (subject) topic, subject, a niche in your blog. I mean, if you think you will write an article about education or technology, then always write an article about education or technology in a blog.

In this way, the people who hope for your blog will be good and they will find interest in your blog. Apart from this, if you write in a blog about any one topic or topic, you can easily get good targeted traffic or visitors from Google search.

So, before writing the first article on your blog, it is important to consider whether you will be able to write more articles on the topic you are writing about or on that topic in the future.

For example, if you are writing about Android apps in your blog, you will write all future articles on Android. This will be the subject or topic of your blog Android and hope visitors to your blog or traffic will always be interested in your article.

Because visitors are coming to your blog to read articles on android if you give them new solutions or knowledge on android then they will definitely come back to your blog again and again.


  1. Android
  2. Android apps
  3. Internet
  4. Technology
  5. Blogging
  6. Educational
  7. Sports
  8. Food
  9. Story

There are many more profitable topics that you can write about in your blog. Remember, the more good articles you write on a topic, the faster people will start to hope in your blog.

Knowledge on the topic of the blog

Remember, you can’t monetize a blog just by writing one or two articles. Or to put it simply, if you write a couple of articles on the blog, it will not get visitors or traffic. You have to write 1 or 2 articles a week, even if it is not daily, about the subject you are thinking of writing an article on your blog. Only then will traffic or visitors come to your blog from Google search and social media.

But, now the question is, “How do you write so many regular articles on the same topic?

The answer is,

To have complete knowledge about one’s own writing or topic. You will only write about that subject in your blog, you have full knowledge about winning. In this way, you can write a lot about your knowledge or known subject one by one.

For example,

If you have created a blog, write only articles or topics that you know very well.

If you know about computers, keep writing on the computer. If you know a lot about android, mobile, internet or any other subject or you can learn a lot about it, then write on the blog.

Hopefully people or visitors to your blog will come back to your blog again and again to learn something new.

Now you must know what to write in your blog or what to blog about. You can blog about anything. But, you have to have full knowledge about that and you just have to blog about that one.

So let’s face it – most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. How to write an article on your blog.

How to write a blog article? Blog writing rules

In order to have a successful blog, it is important to pay attention to what you are writing and how you are writing. So I will tell you 5 rules from my own personal experience that it is very important for you to know before writing an article in a blog. Simply put, these 5 are the rules for writing an interesting blog.

1. Write an article as an expert (with full knowledge)

Remember, many people have already written about what you are blogging about. Once you do a Google search, it will show you how many articles have already been written on the internet.

So, now the question is, why should people read your blog or why should your article be shown to people in search engines?

An easy and simple solution is to write whatever you want as an expert. I mean, you are writing an article about Food, write a word in detail knowing well about Food. You need to have full knowledge of your writing.

The better you can write about the article you write, the more you can explain things in detailes, the more visitors or traffic will come to your blog. Because people are getting to know everything about that topic on your blog.

For example,

If you are writing an article on “Android Mobile Root” then people will like your article when you explain everything about mobile root. For example, what is a root? What are the benefits of rooting? How to root? Many more.

In this way, people will find your article better than the articles written by others on the internet. Because you are solving all the questions they hope in an article.

2. Write a blog / article directly

Remember, if people who hope to read articles on your blog do not understand your writing or have difficulty understanding them, then there is no point in writing your blog. You can never succeed in this.

So, always write a blog in simple language so that anyone can easily understand what you have written. Also, keep this in mind so that you can write short paragraphs. The larger paragraphs you write, the more difficult it will be to read your article.

You can see this article of mine, I have written as short paragraphs as possible so that you can read and understand. In addition, use commas or question breaks in places.

3. Use bold headings, commas, interrupt questions

As you may have noticed in my article, I am using bold headings, commas or interruptions in various places. And you must use them in your articles. In this way, it is very convenient to read and understand the article and search engine like Google search also likes the article.

Remember to use an H1 BOLD HEADING, H2 BOLD HEADING & a few (3 to 4) H3 or H4 headings when writing an article. This will make your article much more interesting and easy to read.

4. Be sure to use images in the article

You must use images in your blog article. But that’s not any picture. Use related images to match your article.

Remember, if you use pictures in a blog article, people will like your article a lot because they will have a lot to see about it.

If you are writing a tutorial article such as “How to create a blog or how to do online shopping” then if you explain it using pictures then you will be able to understand the article very easily. A picture can explain a lot to us.

So, use pictures or screenshots in the article as much as possible.

5. Write an article in a regular blog

Regularly write at least 1 or 2 articles a week on your blog. What many people don’t know is that if you don’t write on a regular blog, you will lose the opportunity to get free visitors or traffic from Google search. Because Google wants you to write and post new articles on your blog at least 1 times a week or two weeks.

Simply put, Google Search, which regularly updates its blog by writing articles, has no more than ten visitors or traffic. So, if you want to get free traffic or visitors to your blog from google search, then update your blog regularly by writing new articles in it.

Writing regular new articles on the blog is not only a Google search but hopefully, everyone on your blog will come to your blog and find it good.

When you continue to write new articles on the blog continue or regular hope that visitors to your blog will always be able to read and learn some new things. As a result, hopeful visitors to the blog will come back to your blog again and again to learn something new.

Our last word,

Remember, a blog will be successful when you have the rules and rules for writing articles on your blog if people get what they need from your blog no one can stop you from succeeding.

So, read my article carefully and understand what to write on your blog and how to write an article.

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