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How To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

Bedrooms are the epicenter of any given home. However, if you are a couple, this room becomes the center stage of your love life as well. Masking it to perfection is what you need to rekindle & keep the romantic tension alive, between you and your better half.

Now, this brings us to a question, are you a couple deeply in love and looking for a romantic bedroom makeover? If yes, congratulations! You’ve hit the right spot.

Here are some exciting tips to help you with romantic bedroom renovation.

a. Keep the lighting warm and bright.

A dull and poorly lit room can instantly kill your mood. Incorporating balanced lighting sources can change the room’s aura in no time. Use two-color light in your bedroom to bring the best out of it. Most interior designers swear by this tip; just by doing this minimal change, you can achieve a perfectly lit space.

While you are working with the lights, ensure that you maintain a perfect balance between white and yellow light. White light brings brightness, whereas yellow light makes the dose warm and soothing. Further, you can add a lightbulb in your bedroom for bedtime to keep the illumination to a minimum and clear visibility.

b. Incorporate natural elements

What’s better than adding houseplants or indoor plants to keep the ambiance soothing and relaxing? This is the easiest and cheapest way to transform your intimate space. Here are some plant ideas to choose the right one for your bedroom space.

  • Lavender- Lavender plant is not only beautiful to look at but has some magical health benefits. It helps reduce high blood pressure and improves heart rate. Place a lavender plant next to your bed and inhale its sweet soothing aroma during bedtime.
  • Peace Lily-  Peace Lily is widely famous for its gracious white beauty and low maintenance. It is an ideal bedroom plant because it helps to lower microbe count in the air.
  • Aloe vera- This spiky green plant is a one-stop medication for many serious ailments. Burned skin? Apply a dab of freshly squeezed aloe vera pulp. This plant is a versatile beauty crop and is used in various beauty products.
  • Valerian- The sweet aroma of valerian can help curb insomnia for a more extended period. According to a study, the scent of valerian induces sleep hormones. Keep it near your bed, for relaxing nights and fresh mornings.

c. Make a section for photo frames.

Photographs are a big part of our life. We tend to keep memories of every milestone we achieved. And what better than having a space to showcase your recalls? Make a space that includes pictures of both of you, your family, and your friends.

There are many digital photo frame ideas to make the space romantic; here are some unique DIY ideas to impress your better half with creativity.

  • Take a basic black photo frame (you can get it in any stationery store). Apply glue all over the edge and sprinkle red sparkle; let it dry. Make a few red hearts and stick them to make a pattern. A trendy valentine’s special photo frame is ready in just four steps.
  • Old books make intriguing photo frames that too in little to no money. This is a great way to recycle books and also make them more memorable. Take a photograph and draw its sides on the book, cut the space and stick the photograph. The final step requires you to decorate the hemline with strings and sparkles, and make attractive frames in no time.

d. Go with a specific theme.

A personalized theme can make your place look like a professionally transformed place. If you and your partner share the same decor taste, choose that as your bedroom theme. The bedroom theme can vary as per your choices; if you are a passionate person, romantic bedroom decor will be your preferred niche.

e. A ‘NOTE’ corner

This can be the most special add-on to your existing bedroom decor. A note corner can be the part where you both write down important and sweet notes for each other while leaving the house. This simple decor idea can not only improve your room’s outlook but also spices up your relationship.

You need to be creative while designing this space. Think of things that you and your partner adore and implement those in this DIY.  Choose a corner and hit the wall with your creative instincts.

  • A heart-shaped feather note space is an easy yet romantic decor style. Take a cardboard and carve it in a heart shape. Stick a thick layer of foam on the cardboard and cover it with colorful paper. Take colorful feathers and start sticking them onto the edges. Fix it in the wall with the help of a hook.

f.Add romantic books to the bedroom shelf.

For book lovers, this idea can hold a brownie point. If your partner loves reading romantic fiction and novels, adding these can elevate their dopamine level and make your place a romantic setting without much effort.

Go for a writer of your choice and stack the racks with some of the best literary pieces. Using a vintage wooden book rack will help in styling the place; check out Amazon for designer book racks. 

g.Use assorted and aromatic candles.

Home is the place where you relax and revitalize yourself for upcoming life events. Try your hands on aromatic candles to create a romantic and soothing ambiance. According to some studies, a good fragrance helps to lift your mood and controls mood swings. So, incorporating a trendy candle stand-style can help you amp your bedroom decor with the magic of assorted aromas.

You can make a list of all your favorite aromas and get them in the candle form from any online or offline store. These candles come in beautiful shapes and colors as well; choose the one that goes the best with your existing bedroom decor.


As most memorable memories include bedroom space, renovating it as per your taste and standard is essential for happy rememberings. Bedroom makeovers are not as complicated as they sound; with a dash of creativity and pinch of dedication, you can completely change your room’s outlook.

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