How to get new article ideas for blog posts?

I am a blogger myself and the biggest problem in my blogging career is “finding new post ideas for writing articles on blogs”.

Hey, of course it can be a lot of borough problems for every blogger and a half.

Because, when we create a blog with a niche or subject, we have a lot of topics or ideas to write an article in the first place.

However, when writing an article on a blog with the same topic, there will come a time when you will not have a topic to write a new article.

And, this is the time when lack of blog post idea, your interest in blogging will decrease.

This time, at least once every blogger will come to life.

So, in this article, I will give you some tips that, once you know about them, you will continue to get a lot of “new article ideas” to write on your blog.

How to get new post ideas for blog articles?

If you have good articles on your blog and hope visitors to your blog are getting better after your article, then no one can stop you from taking you on the path to success.

Remember, what makes a successful blogger successful is the hope of visitors to his blog.

And his visitors come to his blog, just to read his articles.

If a person gets the right solution to his problem by burning your article or gets the answer to his question in the right way through the article written on your blog, then you are a real successful blogger.

And, to be honest, it would be fair to say that you are moving towards success.

However, in order to meet people’s needs or solve people’s problems in this way, you have to write articles on various topics.

So, where to write an article on a new topic and where to find new content ideas every day to write an article on the blog, you must know this topic.

Get new content ideas for blogging

Below I will give you some ideas that I use to get content ideas for my own blog.

And, believe me, using these rules will get you new blog post ideas every day.

Moreover, the topics that you will find for writing articles are in great demand on the internet.

1. Get ideas from old blog posts

I use this rule almost all the time, not finding new post ideas for blogs.

If you read the old articles written on the blog well, you will get a lot of new content ideas.

For example, if I wrote an article on “How to make money from YouTube”, on the subject. So, there are many other issues involved that I can write articles about.

For example, “How Much Money for 1000 Views on YouTube”, “New YouTube Rules”, and so on, you can write many kinds of blog posts with ideas from articles written on any subject.

2. Use Quora

Quora, a website on the Internet, where you can find out about the questions asked by thousands of people.

I mean, quora is a “question & answer website”, where people from different parts of the country ask questions about their problems.

And, those who have an account on quora can answer those questions.

However, as a blogger you can go to the quora website, look at the questions related to the topic of your blog and get an idea of ​​what people are looking for a solution to a problem on the Internet.

And so, you can help them by writing articles on your blog about those problems.

This will allow you to get regular new topics for your blog.

Go to Quora and you will get different types of content ideas.

Because, there are people like me and you asking questions.

And, the answer to those questions may be a new article or post on your blog.

3. Get ideas from other popular blogs

When, I don’t find any good and new content idea for writing articles in blogs, then I visit some popular blogs.

Hey, you can go to other popular blogs related to the topic of your blog (niche) and see what they have written articles on.

And, if you like, you can write new blog posts on your blog with ideas from their written content.

But remember, never steal their content from other blogs.

As a blogger, I would never recommend doing this.

However, just by looking at the topics they are writing articles on, you can definitely come up with new post ideas for your blog.

4. Forum and community website

There are many types of forums and communities on the Internet where people ask a variety of questions.

E.g., yahoo answers or social media groups.

If you go to these types of online forums or communities, search by typing topics as per your interest, you will see the questions asked by thousands of people.

And, every question people ask is a problem for them.

So, you can write an article on your blog with those questions.

You can also go to different Facebook groups and find many kinds of questions asked by people.

You will get many profitable content ideas from each question.

5. From the comments on your blog

As a blogger, I know that visitors can have a lot of problems with one and a half sad topics.

So, in many cases hope visitors to your blog, through comments, ask you many kinds of questions.

In most cases, as bloggers, we leave our article with a simple reply to the expected comments.

However, as you can see, most of the questions asked by visitors to your blog can be the next article or post on your blog.

A visitor to my blog also asked me through a comment, “How do I get a new post idea for my grandfather’s blog?”

So, I am writing this article to answer his question.

In this way, my visitors were satisfied with their response and I also got new content ideas to write on my blog.

6. Use Google search suggestion

In the Google search box, when we type a word or topic, Google suggests a variety of problems / sentences associated with that word.

As you can see in the picture above, I typed “how to mobile” in Google search and Google itself showed us some content ideas.

And, these kinds of suggestions from Google are called “Google search suggestions”.

Remember, these search suggestions shown by Google, sentences or questions searched on Google by ordinary people.

So, if you write an article with an idea from google search suggestion, those articles have the opportunity to get a lot of visitors from google search.

7. Use the Wikihow website

Wikihow is an online website where you can find solutions to your every problem through articles written by them.

And, there you will find many new articles related to the topic of your blog.

Simply, you have to type the subject as per your need and search there.

You will get content ideas on all kinds of topics there.

8. Do general research

Hey guys, you have to think a little bit about the subject you are blogging about.

You need to keep in mind what your visitors want from you.

Moreover, if you write an article on some topics, your blog will hopefully gain one and a half visitors, it will be rice in a short time.

With a little thought, 80% of new blog post ideas will come to your mind automatically.

If not here’s a new product just for you!

What did we learn today?

So friends, now you may have a better understanding of where to find ideas for your blog post.

Remember, whenever you find a good content idea, write it down somewhere.

And, in this way, if you create 5 to 6 blog post topics and write them down somewhere, you will be able to focus on your work according to many benefits.

Moreover, among the post ideas you have created, you will find the ones that you think are most necessary and urgent, write them down and post them on your blog.

So, now you start working like this and keep writing new content on the blog.

Above I have told you my own process.

This is how I come up with ideas for posting or writing new posts on my blog.

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