How to do SEO on YouTube video (2020)

From the moment we started uploading videos to a YouTube channel, it became very important to use this SEO in our videos. So, if you are not using SEO in your videos then I know 100% that visitors to your uploaded videos are coming very little or not at all.

Many of my friends and I have been asked by many to comment that visitors are not coming to my YouTube channel, what should I do? Why aren’t people watching my uploaded videos? Or, why don’t my uploaded videos show up in Google search or YouTube search results?

We want to tell them and those who want to answer these questions that you are not using SEO in your YouTube videos or even if you are not doing it properly. And, that’s because the videos uploaded to your YouTube channel aren’t getting visitors. Or, the videos are not shown on Google search or YouTube search result pages.

So, what do you do now? How do you get visitors or traffic to your uploaded video? If this is your question then the answer is if you use SEO or Search engine optimization properly.

So let us know this one by one –

  • What is YouTube seo?
  • Why is SEO important in YouTube videos?
  • How to do SEO on your videos?

What is YouTube Video SEO?

Before you learn about YouTube seo, you need to know about seo. SEO means “search engine optimization” whose job is to show your online content such as “website”, “video”, or any file within the top 10 (first 10) results in search engines. By search engine we mean video search, especially “Google search”, Yahoo search and YouTube.

Now you may have found this article of mine on Google to do some search on “YouTube SEO”. Is that so?

But why? Today Google or any search engine has thousands of blogs or websites and they write articles on the same or similar topic. So why did you find my blog article first, excluding them? Why didn’t the rest of you show up in the top 10 results in the article search results written on the same subject?

This is because of SEO. Google’s use of SEO makes it easy to understand that the questions you search for are well answered in my article. And so, Google has included my article page in the top 10 search results. And so, you guys got my article on Google.

Similarly, if you use SEO properly on your YouTube channel or video, Google search or YouTube video search will better understand your uploaded video and if you search for any word related to your video, your video will be ranked in “YouTube Video Search”. Will be shown first.

This will get you a lot of traffic or visitors to your video for free.

So, YouTube Video SEO is a rule or process that you can use to see your video in the top 10 video results shown in Google search and YouTube video search.

This will get you a lot of traffic or visitors to your video. And, using this process, YouTubers get thousands of views on their videos.

Why is SEO important in YouTube videos?

Before uploading a video to YouTube, you must first make your own video on a topic. Is that so?

Once you search on YouTube, you will find the topic on which you will make the video. YouTube will show you a lot of videos about that already.

if there are already a lot of videos on YouTube about the video you made, what does it mean to make your video? Will YouTube be the first to show your video to people in its search results even though it already has thousands of videos like yours?

No, YouTube will not show.

This is called “competition”. As a result, if you just create a video and upload it to YouTube, you will never get traffic or visitors to that video.

Because YouTube already has a lot of videos on any topic or topic and YouTube will show those videos to its search users.

By doing SEO on your uploaded videos, you can make it clear to the YouTube algorithm that the subject you have created is much better than others or that your video has everything in it. You can make your videos better understood on YouTube through SEO.

In this way, if someone searches something on YouTube and if the topic of that search matches or is involved with your video, then YouTube will show your video to people first in its search results. This means that the ranking of your video will be better. Because you have already explained to YouTube through SEO what your video is about.

if you haven’t done YouTube video SEO, YouTube will never understand what your video is about or when your video should be shown to people. You will never get traffic or visitors to your video.

So, now you may well understand why YouTube SEO is important & why it is important to do SEO on YouTube videos.

How to do SEO on your YouTube videos?

will tell you in full details on how to do SEO for a video, how to rank a video. Just keep reading the article from the beginning to the end. Otherwise, you will not understand well.

Before we learn how to do video SEO, let me tell you that you need to know if there is a demand for videos on the internet or on YouTube.

Otherwise, it will be that you will make the video with difficulty and no one will watch it. You will not get any benefit from SEO.

So, always make a video on a topic or topic that is searched by many people on YouTube.

Which topic, keyword or topic is most searched on YouTube?

You can easily find out if people are searching for a video on YouTube or what you are thinking about making a video by using some online tools.

One of the tools I use is “Keyword everywhere extension”. You must have this extension installed on your Chrome browser or Firefox browser.

After that, you have to go to YouTube and type the subject of your video or keyword in the search box. In it


You will find many more words or keywords related to the keyword or keyword that you are searching for that people search on YouTube. And, using those words or keywords in the video, you can apply good SEO.

To better understand you look at the image above, I just typed “YouTube SEO” in the search box above and YouTube showed me many more profitable keywords related to my word like YouTube SEO, SEO 2020 or SEO tutorial that people search a lot on YouTube.


In the second, you may see that the total number of searches is shown in front of the words or keywords that are shown in the search results. For example, 2000 / mo means that word or keyword is searched by people 2000 times a month on YouTube. So making a video on this topic will definitely benefit you.

In the end, before doing SEO on the video or fixing the subject of the video, you should know how many times a month people search on YouTube about the subject you are making the video for. If that keyword has 1000 minimum searches per month then that topic will be profitable for you.

Do SEO on YouTube videos and rank videos well

As we said above, if you want to get visitors to your uploaded videos, your video should be at the top of the search results on YouTube. In this way, when someone searches for a video, they will easily find your video and this will increase your visitors.

But nowadays you have to make a video on any subject, there will be competition. People will not be able to find your video because YouTube already has a lot of videos.

So, if you want visitors to your video, there is only one way. That is YouTube video SEO and its application.

Here are some tips to help you understand SEO and apply it to your YouTube videos. This will definitely increase the number of visitors or traffic to your video.

1. Didn’t choose the video topic or keyword well

First of all, I will talk about video topics, topics or keyword research. Our biggest mistake is that we don’t make videos without keyword research. And, of course, no one came to see our video.

Keyword research means getting a good understanding of the topic or topic on which you are making the video.

People are interested in your keyword. You need to know if the topic you are making the video for is searched on YouTube.

You can find out which topic or topic is searched more on YouTube and how many keywords are searched in this month with the rules I have mentioned above.

  1. Google search suggestions
  3. keyword planner
  4. Those mentioned are not good at any circumstances (Google search suggestion you never able to see Keyword Difficulty)
    The best tools are Ahrefs & SEMRUSH, These are expensive but best ever keyword research & SEO tools human ever developed

Using these online free tools you will find many useful topics or keywords for your videos.

This way, if you make a video to find a profitable topic, topic or keyword, you will start expecting traffic or visitors to your videos through YouTube search.

Otherwise, you will continue to make videos but you will find them.

So the first step of YouTube video SEO is to find a profitable video keyword or video topic.

2. Use keyword in video description and title

Video optimization is very important for SEO. And, the most important and beneficial rule of video optimization is to use focused keyword in the description and title of your video.

Google or YouTube can only understand what your video is about or what the topic of the video is only after your video title and video description. And, after the description or title, your video is ranked in Google or YouTube search results.

if you want your video to rank at the top of their search on YouTube or Google, you must first enter the most important keywords or topics in the video in the title and description of the video you have uploaded. And, write in a way that makes it easy for anyone (people) or Google / YouTube to read and understand the subject matter of your video.

  • Use a minimum of 250 to 300 words in your video description.
  • Keep the title of the video within 25 words.
  • Use your focus keyword 2 to 3 times.

Note – Focus keyword means that you are making a video focusing on the subject. For example, if I make a video on YouTube SEO, my focus might be on keywords –

  • YouTube SEO Spanish tutorial
  • How to do SEO on YouTube?
  • YouTube SA Tips
  • YouTube video SEO tips Spanish

There are a lot of keywords that are related to my videos and that when people search on Google or YouTube I want my SEO tutorial videos to get results.

But do not use more than the keyword. In general, write a title or description using 2 or 3 keywords.

3. Use of SEO TAGS (tags) in your video

When you upload videos to YouTube, you are given one more option along with writing the title and description. That option is video tags.

Video tags, “a video” is very important to rank in the search on YouTube. Search engines like Google search or YouTube video search can find out a lot about your video. And, when someone searches for something related to the tag of your video, YouTube clicks on your video and shows it on its results page.

So always use SEO tag in your uploaded video.

For example,

If your video topic, topic or keyword is related to YouTube SEO Tips, then you can use some of these tags.

YouTube seo optimization, seo YouTube video, YouTube search engine, youtube video seo, video search engine.

Targeted tags will not only help you rank your videos on YouTube, but will also show people your video related video list through tags. This increases the chances of more visitors coming to your video.

4. Change the video file name before uploading

When we record or make a video, the name of the video file is usually m00000.avi, video.232.mp4 or the default file.

And if you upload your video to YouTube with this default file name, it is very bad for SEO and it will have a bad SEO effect (negative seo) on your video.

So, all you have to do is change the default file name of the video before you upload any video and give it an SEO friendly name. And, you must use your targeted keywords in the file name.

For example,

If your video file name is “m00000.avi” then you need to change it and give it –



This will enable your video in the direction of SAO.

5. Make a long and detailed video

Now by looking at the picture I have given above, you can easily understand why it is important to upload long or long videos to YouTube.

I searched YouTube for the keyword “YouTube video SEO”. Now, whether you are looking up or when you search, you will find that the top videos in the YouTube search results will be at least 10 minutes long. Simply put, this means that YouTube always puts longer and longer videos at the top of its search results.

In this way, when people search for something, your video gets to the top and you get free visitors.

Making videos with long, high quality and detail is the most important part of YouTube SA and optimization which many people do not follow which is the biggest reason why your videos do not rank on YouTube.


Only if you make a long video, youtube will rank your video all the time. Everything about the video you make will be told in a good way and in such a way that people will enjoy watching your video and watch your video more often.

The more time people watch your video, the better the ranking of that video on YouTube. Because YouTube considers that video to be of high quality.

And, if people don’t like a video or they leave after watching the video for a short period of time, YouTube will take the video down in its search results or may not watch it at all. Because, then YouTube thinks that video is low quality.

So, if you want to rank at the top of your video search or if you want to do video SEO optimization in a good way, the most important rule is to make a minimum of 10 minutes of video with full details of your topic.

By making videos with this rule, I can say that you will get a lot more traffic or visitors to your videos from YouTube search and Google search.

Our last word,

I hope I have been able to explain to you, what is YouTube SEO and how to do SEO in YouTube videos. If you have any questions please comment on me below and I will definitely answer you. Lastly, keep in mind that it is very easy to do SEO (search engine optimization) videos on YouTube. You will surely get the result of suffering & keep the quality of your video good and keep the full details of the topic you want to make a video in your video. So that people are satisfied with your video or they are interested in your video.

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