How to become a professional blogger?

If you are working or thinking of working with a blog, then you must remember the dream of becoming a successful blogger or professional blogger. Because, becoming a professional blogger means “creating an easy way to make money online from home”. Is that so?

In this case, however, in addition to working a lot, you have to work with special focus on certain things.

Just by creating a blog and writing articles in it, you will never be able to create a professional blog.

3 years ago today, I started working with the dream of becoming a professional blogger.

Believe me, I have made many small and big mistakes. But, my interest and passion towards blogging has always led me with enthusiasm.

Moreover, I have learned a lot from the mistakes I made. So, today, almost 3 years later, I see myself as a professional blogger and feel very happy.

Of course I will. Because, I am my own boss and I don’t have to work under any boss or boss. Making money online from blogging is going very well for me.

Remember, being a professional blogger is by no means an easy task. This requires a lot of time, skills and knowledge.

So, it is not possible for everyone to convert their “blogging passion” by earning a “full-time” money.

However, if you have the patience and the desire to learn new things, then you have the first qualification to be a successful blogger.

What does professional blogger mean?

A professional blogger is a person who is earning money through full-time blogging to make a living.

Like any other professional job, a professional blogger is an expert in his / her blogging work and he / she has a lot of experience and skills in that job.

Simply put, a person who is only working with blogging as his profession and full-time job for the purpose of online money income is called a professional blogger.

How do I become a professional blogger? (How To Become A Professional Blogger)

At first glance, working on blogging as a profession will seem very difficult.

But, when you work well for a few days, then you need to pay special attention to some new skills or knowledge.

Otherwise, you will always be a normal blogger. And, an ordinary blogger can never advance in his blogging career.

Moreover, by blogging in a general way, you will not get a chance to earn anything special. Because, today there is a lot of competition in this field.

So, to be a successful blogger, you have to take blogging as a profession and work professionally.

And by doing so, you can consistently make a good amount of money online from blogging.

So, what do we need to do to blog professionally? What are the special things to work on? In which subjects skills and knowledge need to be further enhanced?

We will know about all these issues below today.

How to become a professional blogger?

Below are some of the things I will tell you about if you want to be a successful blogger.

Nobody will tell you about these things in general. However, I am going to tell you a lot of important parts of my experience, skills and knowledge in this regard.

After knowing everything well, and working well on all the topics, you will definitely be able to blog professionally.

And finally, you can become a professional blogger.

1. Blog niche & subject selection

Remember, in order to become a professional in your blogging career, you have to focus on the “niche”, “blog subject” or “blog topic” of your surviving blog.

The niche or topic of your blog must be profitable. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to make money from your blog.

For example, I’m just writing an article on technology in my blog. So, the niche or subject of my blog is technology. And, there are a lot of people interested in this subject and a lot of people search on the internet for technology.

Moreover, using Google Adsense and other advertisement networks to make money from blogs, this “technology subject” is also the best.

Because, technology related blogs show ads related to technology by Google adsense. These types of ads give you higher CPC (cost per click) and money earning opportunities.

Moreover, create a blog on niche or topics that you have a good knowledge of. Because, blogging is not a one day job. Here you have to write something every day.

So, if you start working on unknown things, after some time you will not feel good about your work.

And, if you write a blog about known topics, you will be able to write good and regular articles through your own experience.

So friends, to be a professional blogger, first of all you have to save “a suitable topic of your blog”. A topic that you have knowledge about and that is very useful.

Using the Google keyword planner tool, you can find out how popular any topic is in Google search and how many searches are being done.

2. Time & Blog Management

To be a successful blogger, you need to focus on both time management and blog management.

You see, in the first case, blogging only requires 3 to 4 hours of work. But, when you start working with blogging as a profession, you should not work for 3 to 4 hours.

I mean, just like in any job, you have to work with a fixed time from morning to afternoon, just like in order to blog professionally, you have to work with a fixed time from morning to afternoon.

Just like people spend time in any job or business, you also have to spend time in blogging.

Why spend so much time on professional blogging?

You see, I have said before that JK can do simple blogging and there is not much chance of earning money in general blogging. Although there is, then it is much less.

But, the chances of earning money in professional blogging are much higher. Today, Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, Pritam Nagrale, Shradha Sharma, Abhijit Mukherjee and thousands of other professional bloggers like them are earning millions of rupees a month.

So, since the chances of earning money in professional blogging are much higher than in general blogging, to be a professional blogger, you have to focus on some advanced types of work.

What are those jobs?

Focus on content quality
Remember, you will write an article with a complete description of the subject you are writing about. Either way, just writing an article will not work.

You need to make sure that your visitors get the answers to all the questions related to the article in a single article.

So, a professional blogger describes every article of his blog well and writes at least 1800 words in the article.

Publish regular articles

Hey, I know that writing a 1600 word article is not an easy task. But, if you make blogging your profession full-time, why 1600, you can write articles of more than 2500 words.

Now remember that you don’t just have to write good articles. You need to publish the article while maintaining your consistency.

I mean, if you publish an article on a blog and then publish another article a month later, it will only make your blog image worse.

In this way, your visitors will come to your blog and leave without getting any new content. Also, the worst is Google search.

When you publish articles on your blog after many days, Google has less chance to show your blog articles in its search results. This will make it harder for you to get traffic and visitors from Google search.

Remember, Google only likes blogs or websites that publish regular articles.

So, always remember, you must publish at least 2 articles on your blog within 7 days.

It is the job of a professional blogger and blogger to post and publish new articles while maintaining regular consistency. And, it is very profitable and important for your blogging career.

Blog speed matters

No one likes a slow website or blog. Imagine if you took 6 to 7 seconds to load the blog after you came to my blog, would you wait any longer to open my blog?

Of course not. You left my blog immediately.

So, always remember, it is very important for a blog to be loaded within 1 to 2 seconds.

If not, hopefully visitors or traffic to your blog will leave your blog immediately.

And, more importantly, “Google Slow Website is not good.”

So, if your blog takes a long time to open or load, then give up the hope of getting free traffic and visitors from Google search.

Lastly, if you are thinking of creating a professional blog, you need to think about minimizing the loading time of your blog.

How to reduce website loading time?

Always buy cloud hosting from a good hosting company to reduce the loading time of blogs and websites. In this case, cloudways or digitalocean are best.

After buying cloud hosting from a good company, you need to use a good caching plugin.

In this case, if you install and use W3 total cache, Wp fastest cache, Breeze or Autoptimize any one of your own WordPress theme or whmcs theme, the loading speed of your blog will be much faster or better.

Moreover, the loading speed of the blog can be improved by compressing and uploading the images uploaded to your blog.

I’m using Cloudways’ cloud hosting on my blog, along with the Breeze and Autoptimize plugins. And, I know the loading speed of my blog is much faster.

So friends, as I said before, it’s nice to think about being a professional blogger. But, to be honest, it is very important to know and work on all these kinds of things in professional blogging.

3. Learn more about SEO

SEO is called Search engine optimization, it is more important for you to know about this. To be a successful blogger, you must have the right knowledge about SEO.

Today, how to get free traffic or visitors to your blog and website is the best goal of a blogger. We can think about earning money after coming to Traffic or Visitors Blog.

In this case, you will get free and unlimited traffic or visitors for your blog from Google search engine.

Today, every blogger’s dream is to get thousands of traffic or visitors to their blog from Google search.

But, here’s the problem. Every day today, thousands of new blogs are being created and millions of articles are being published by people.

In this case, as the competition in blogging has become much more, it has become very difficult to get traffic from Google search. Because, Google will leave the car and rank in its search results.

So, through SEO or search engine optimization, by making the articles written in your own blog more search engine friendly, we can rank them well in Google search.

As a result, in our blog, there will be an opportunity to get more traffic or visitors from Google search.

Without the use of SEO in blogs, the chances of you succeeding in this competitive world of blogging are much lower.

So, if you want to take blogging professionally and work as a professional full time career, then learn about SEO first.

Remember, everyone has the knowledge of general SEO. As a professional blogger, it is very important for you to have advanced SEO knowledge.

For example –

  • Learn about backlinks.
  • Complete knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO.
  • How to do blog promotion.
  • Blog branding.
  • Guest posting is very important.

It is very important to increase your knowledge with some of these advanced SEO techniques.

In this case, you can learn a lot of advanced seo techniques by watching YouTube videos or burning some online blogs.

4. Take your blog as a business

Hey, when you work on your blog as a business, you will feel better about it.

Just like in a business, you have to work with your mind without thinking about your profit in the first place, just like when you work with blogging as a business, you have to do a lot in the first place. And, you can’t think of profit at first.

But, when you work professionally with blogging as a business, you will start to make a profit in a few days.

When you do anything as a business, your mind is very much attached to it and you do that work with 100% effort.

So, before becoming a professional blogger, it is very important to accept your blog as a business.

5. Make Your Blog A “Brand”

If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to try to make your blog a brand from day one.

For example,

Just as you know my blog as “Banglatech”, so do others know your blog by name and work. A special name to become the identity of your blog.

Your brand information will be created when you promote the articles you write on your blog or tell people what benefits they can get from coming to your blog.

When your blog becomes a brand, you will get thousands of visitors not only from Google search, but also from social media and direct traffic.

How to brand a blog?

To make your blog a brand, you must first take the help of social media marketing.

In this case, you need to share your own blog articles on various social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more.

In this way, people will gradually learn about your blog through social media and at the same time you will also get social media traffic on the articles written in the blog.

Moreover, you can take the help of email marketing to create the brand of the blog.

Through email marketing, you will be able to inform and promote your blog and blog articles via email.

This way, using different social media platforms, you can create a brand name for your blog.

6. What does your audience want?

As a professional blogger, it’s important to know your readers. They are getting better at burning topics on your blog, they don’t like burning articles on any topic and how long they have been on your blog.

You have to look at all these things from time to time.

Because, the readership of your blog is your success. And, thinking about what they like or don’t like is very important for the good future of your blog.

In this case, using the google analytics tool, you will be able to know everything about your readers in your blog.

7. Educate yourself more

In the end, I tell you to educate yourself more. That means you can’t start working professionally in one day.

So, everything will happen slowly and you have to learn everything one by one.

One of the greatest virtues of a professional blogger is “keep yourself updated”.

So, in order to keep yourself updated and learn new things from time to time, it is very important that you get in the habit of reading some conventional blogs.

You need to get into the habit of reading blogs related to backlinko,, shoutmeloud and many more.

In this way, you can learn new things and become more expert in blogging.

Remember, a successful blogger is always learning new things related to blogging.

Our last word,

So friends, you see, how hard is it to be a professional blogger? But not impossible. Hey, you have to work hard, but if you learn the right way one by one, you will be able to grasp everything very easily.

Like you, I once started a new blog and was thinking about how to make myself a professional blogger.

It took me about 2 to 3 years to make myself a perfect blogger. And, moreover, blogging professionally has become a lot easier for me now.

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns about your blogging, please let me know in the comments below. I will definitely help you.

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