How to Make Guest Posting the Secret to Traffic Success

A guest post is a content written by one blog owner and posted on another blog owner’s site. To make it simpler, when you write a blog post and get it posted on someone else’s blog, it’s called a guest blog.

Who doesn’t want traffic on their website? Everyone! It doesn’t matter what your business is about – staffing agency, digital marketing firm, or eCommerce business – most will tell you that great content is the source of traffic. This is somewhat true, until you already have a steady flow of traffic, no amount of awesome content will drive traffic. 

The key to building traffic is to take advantage of someone else’s. That’s where guest posting comes into play. It gives your website a bigger audience.

Do you have a guest posting strategy in place? Check these approaches to use this strategy to drive more traffic to your site, get noticed, and boost sales:

Aim for Niche Sites 

When writing guest posts, everyone wants to write for authority sites such as Forbes, Mashable, etc. After all, the more influential the site, the more traffic it will bring to your blog. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it’s best to find websites that are smaller and niched. 

Niche sites have much more engaged readers than the high traffic sites. On authority sites, your content is likely to get buried under the heap. To find niche sites, use tools such as Pitchbox or BuzzSumo to search influencers in smaller niches. Once you have found them, pitch them with niched topics. This is more effective than writing general content.

Build Relationships

The biggest challenge blog owners face when pitching to other bloggers or sites for guest posting is to have their pitch accepted. 

The secret to that is building a relationship with influencers before pitching them. We are more likely to do a favor for a friend than a stranger, right? The same goes for guest posting. Once the relationship is established, they would be much willing to accommodate your request than otherwise.

How to build a relationship with other bloggers or influencers, you ask? Here are some tips:

  • Comment on their posts. Leave a well-thought comment, though. This will give them an insight into the quality of the post you could offer.
  • Participate in their surveys. This is another effective way of building a relationship. Make sure the answer you provide gives them value.

By doing so, you won’t just receive a thank you from them but have your guest post featured on their blog.

Share an Asset

The most potent guest posting trick in the book is to create an asset such as an ebook and offer it to businesses with a large client base. This should be a giveaway. Doing it for free will give you not just exposure but referrals. It is the form of guest posing that will bring you high value.

Take the guest graphics by Brian Dean, for instance. He uses infographics with custom intros for guest posting opportunities. 

Link to a Dedicated Landing Page

Instead of linking to your homepage, linking to a dedicated landing page is a more effective approach. This would ensure that the reader upon landing on the link leaves after converting or taking the action your desire.  If you link the homepage, you will simply confuse your readers. 

When linking a landing page, make sure the headline of the page matches the title of the blog. This will create a seamless experience for your readers as they will be able to complete the action you desire.

Send a Courtesy Email

It is one of those approaches that will deliver the most results.  Instead of asking them for help, why not inform them that you have included one of their posts as a source and do invite them to visit. This will help you connect with them on a personal level.

If this trick works, they might offer you a guest posting opportunity.  Even if they don’t offer that right away, you can always pitch them after building a relationship.


Guest posing is time-consuming and requires a well-thought strategy to work. But if it’s done right, it has the power to bring relevant traffic and drive sales! 

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