Use These 14 Functional Animation Tips to Turn Curious Visitors into Potential Customer

Imagine sitting on the edge of a lakeshore. You’ll find yourself wandering in another world on the flight of your thoughts. Suddenly, something falls into the calm and quiet lake from out of nowhere and causes a ripple. Instantly, all your attention and thoughts are diverted, and together with your eyes, start following the water’s circular waves. All that you were experiencing a moment before gets hazy and fades away, just like a moving cloud. That’s a natural phenomenon.

Human eyes genetically pay more attention to moving objects since they are hardwired to function this way.

Marketing animation videos targets this innate human trait and grabs the spectator’s attention all the way, making it a perfect tool for marketers to stimulate the emotions and attention of potential consumers.

Likewise, …

Marketers are well aware of all these biological attributes of human beings. While keeping in mind the same philosophy, they produce marketing animation videos intending to grab the target audience’s eyeballs. Also, to make the viewers shift all their thoughts and eyes to the products and services being displayed.

Some Say, …

If something goes out of sight, it will be out of mind; hence marketers go the extra mile to keep their products visible. They find animated videos as the most effective attention-grabbing tool over all the other marketing materials.

Whisper of An Old Soul from Somewhere Not Near

The animation is not something new for marketers nor the general public. If you happen to go down memory lane and recall childhood’s most entertaining movies, it will dawn on you that most of them were animated movies. Besides the millennials and generation X, even baby boomers share the same experience.

Over time, marketing animation videos kept changing its apparel to don the latest attire and successfully kept abreast of the modern-day style trends. Animation ensured to stay ahead of the curve by increasing the followers’ base manifold. Animated videos have become popular among kids, teens, and adults. Older people also seem keen not to miss a glimpse of animated materials while scrolling down on social media or hopping the tv channels and so on.

Over A Dozen of Marketing Animation Video Tips & Tricks At Your Disposal

This article will discuss some of the most prominent uses of animated videos to uplift business performance and achieve marketing objectives.

Riveting Storyline, Makes Everything Fine

People love stories more than lullabies and their hobbies. A captivating storyline functions as a magnet and attracts the viewer’s senses all the way.

Not only do marketers portray their brand’s story via animated explainer videos, but also the details and specifications of the product. They create a story highlighting the problems while stressing the negative consequences and eventually presenting a viable solution.  Meanwhile, they also address the queries that are likely to pop up in the back of their minds.

A short and straightforward demonstration of customer’s issues and presenting a pragmatic solution entice the onlookers to take action and give the product a try.

Brand Blooms Like a Flower, If Consistent is the Color

Branding is a sum of various elements that set a brand stand apart and make it a unique identity. One of the vital factors is the color theme of the brand. The color palette’s coherence across the branding and marketing materials, including the marketing animation video, makes it easy for the viewers to recognize the brand. Familiarity breeds trust and loyalty.

To earn client-based loyalty, it seems crucial to maintaining consistency throughout the branding ventures. A marketing animation video plays a vital role in representing the brand to the target audience. Therefore, painting it with the colors that symbolize the company makes the animated video twice more appealing, engaging, and entertaining.

Humor Holds Favor – Grows Old Never

A few drops of humor in a world full of chaos and confusion tend to translate into blissfulness. People usually forget what they hear or see. What sticks around in mind is how they feel deep inside when they encounter a particular situation. Make no mistake, this feeling, this impression lasts for ages to come. The addition of some fun and joy in the animated explainer video entertains the audience.

Statistically speaking, seldom do people leave a funny or entertaining video halfway but watch it till the end. The longer your video could grab their attention, the probability of signing up for your products and services increases twofold.

Music Does Magic but With A Logic

The more senses your marketing animation video could appeal to, the higher the chances to attain the marketing goals. Before slapping a tune on your animation, make sure the mood and atmosphere you want to create through the video are clear to your mind.

The emotion that you find essential to convey throughout the video and the message that is supposed to be communicated should synchronize with the music and beats to create a significant impact. Add the right music and see them singing your song.

Voice Over – A Haziness Remover

The incorporation of a voice over with the marketing animation video gives it a personality. No matter how bloody excellent the visuals are, still, some areas of the animated videos are left ill-defined. Viewers find it hard to comprehend the process or methodology. This is when a voice-over comes to rescue and kick the ambiguousness out of the viewer’s minds.

On the flip side,

A loud and clear Call to Action increases the likelihood of leading your potential consumers to take the action you would like them to take. Getting the message across gets more effective with a voice-over beyond any question.

Call to Action – Sets the Reaction

A marketing animation video devoid of any call to action is as pointless as a pointless pencil. The essence of animated video is to inform, entertain, and engage visitors and persuade them to subscribe or buy your products.

An animated video with a powerful call to action after providing the necessary product details works as a catalyst. It brings viewers’ baffling thoughts on the right track by showing them a pragmatic way out of this mysterious labyrinth. The essence of CTA is to motivate your viewers to take the steps towards your products or services and become your client. Through animation, you can show how to take each step and the significance of taking those steps. Clear demonstration of accumulated benefits and the opportunity cost tempts the viewers to take the right action then and there.

Social Media Engagement – Animation Makes All the Arrangement

The integration of marketing animation video on social media boosts engagement since it drives more traffic and keeps the visitors connected for longer periods. It’s been observed that the longer a visitor stays on a website, the higher goes the ranking of that particular site on the search engine.  

Psychologically speaking, visitors choose to click on top ranking sites to make the purchases and find them trustworthy. Hence, it could rightly be said that search engine ranking and sales volume are directly proportional to each other.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Although there are many types of animated videos, and each one has its significance and implications. Whiteboard animation videos are prone to stay ahead of the curve by providing added value to its users. Not that whiteboard animated videos are only used for educational purposes, but also it helps companies illustrate complex ideas or product specification simply and plainly.

Clear and precise delivery of message grabs the ditherers from the head and beats the confusion out of their mind. Also, boost the sales volume, increase the organic traffic, and give your brand an edge over the rest by using marketing animation videos.

Videos Fan the Flames of Email Marketing Campaigns

Adding the flavor of animated video with the email marketing campaigns doubles the chances of emails to be clicked, opened, and read. In today’s fast-paced world, most of the emails go unnoticed, uncared, and unread. However, incorporating animated video with a mention of “video” in the subject line enhances its likelihood of being viewed and reacted to.

An intriguing, informative, and entertaining video will force the viewers to visit your website and subscribe to the services.

Brand Elevation Via Video Animation

Gone are the days when PPT presentations were the apple of announcer’s eyes for walking the audience through on brand’s accumulations or product specifications. All remains good in the hood for companies that keep themselves abreast of the modern-day dynamics and technological advancements.

Even an iota of negligence from marketers ends often translates into catastrophe. To stay-up-to-date and kick the negligence out of the park, jump on the bandwagon of animated videos. Marketing animation videos blow a fresh breeze of liveliness into your mundane email marketing campaigns.

Animation Add Crisp and Crunch to Boring Topics

People are never the same; their faces, voices, gestures, and even their behavior vary; the same is the case with businesses. You can not expect every other person you meet to be entertaining and fun-loving, some are dull, and others are dumb, let alone the numbs. Likewise, businesses’ nature differs from industry to industry; some may be intriguing, while others are mundane and boring.

Presenting a business’s mundanity and boredom in an advertising campaign will have zero impact on the audience. The whooping amount of money you invest in marketing campaigns will negatively affect, and instead of appealing to the consumer, it may repel them.

But don’t worry anymore. With a whiteboard animation video, you can present the complex and complicated ideas and business procedures or product specs simply and straightforwardly, making them enjoyable to watch for users.

Product Demonstrations with Animations

Vetting a product before purchasing is standard practice. Those who are reluctant to follow this very universally accepted and exercised practice often fall flat on the faces.

Online users find it hard to digest that they don’t get the option to assess the products before purchasing, anticipating the experience to not bode well down the lane. Perplexed and confused and whatnot!

Explaining the product usage and showcasing its features most authentically and realistically while satisfying both the visual and hearing senses of prospects isn’t a dream anymore. Yes, true that. Animation does it all. Effectively and excellently. Embrace the opportunity and serve your clients the best by weeding out the frowns from their face and replacing it with a satisfactory smile.

Testimonials Through Animation

No sane mind would disagree with the significance and immense impact of testimonial on the audience. Pairing it with animated videos takes the influence of testimonials to the next level. Depicting your satisfied clients’ positive experience through animated client testimonial videos will give your brand credibility and a nudge to the potential prospects for subscribing to your services.

Creativity is a prelude to recognition and appreciation. Reformulating the old practices with a crunch of animation is bound to satisfy the tastebuds of your potential consumers by offering them a flavor of trustworthiness and reliability.

Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

All that being said and suggested above circles around a single point agenda of improving the organic traffic on your website and other social media pages. Bringing the horse (potential prospects) to the water (website) is one thing, and making them drink the water (subscribe) is another.

A marketing animation video swings best in both ways. Enhancing the SEO brings the clients on your platform, and through a short and sweet illustration of the products, it makes them crave for it by creating an insatiable thirst.

Final Words

Employing the appropriate techniques in today’s competitive market is vital as oxygen to stay alive and thrive. Our pro-industry experts under the canopy of UptownMotions take care of the whole explainer video production from conceptualization to final execution. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that our videos are pixel-perfect, and our clients are satisfied. Let us make animation an essential part of your marketing campaigns to double the ROI by creating brand awareness and boosting online sales.

Let us know your take on the article in the below comment section, and tell us how useful animated videos have proved to be for your business success?

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