Benefits of Custom Popcorn Boxes to Change Your Perspective

In this modern era, only creative ways to present products and brands are able to deliver a better sales ratio to you. And, making a compromise with the quality of your packaging is not a good option to get the required outcomes. Especially selling foods become the most challenging task to your customers in the industry. Here is the list of chunks that you need to be considered, if you want to sell food items, like popcorn boxes, ice cream cone, cookies, cooked food, and noodles. 

  • Your cardstock must be worthy 
  • Print information with eco-friendly ink toners 
  • FCS proofed cardstock 

So, as a popcorn seller, either you are a provider of uncooked popcorn kernels or cooked popcorns, you need to pay enough attention to your packaging. For this purpose, custom popcorn boxes are the perfect option to store your popcorn kernels and display your corns that spellbind the customer’s eyes. Now it’s time to find the best benefits of popcorn boxes with customized solutions. These benefits force you to change your perspective on custom choices for your popcorn packaging. 

Custom Popcorn Boxes- Best to Support the Load of Snacks 

The first benefit is to easily hold the weight of a large number of popcorns. However, popcorns are the most lightweight and perishable product, but no single person removes their craving by taking a bite of a few popcorns. Particularly, when you watch the movie, you need a jumbo-size popcorn box that lasts for the entire movie, and you enjoy them. At that time, if you can use low-quality popcorn boxes, then it damages easily. For this purpose, custom popcorn boxes are available in versatile sizes are the best choice to hold your popcorns without creating any mess. Here is the size of popcorns boxes that you can pick for your business. 

  • Mini popcorn boxes 
  • Medium Popcorns box 
  • Large size popcorn case 
  • Extra-large size 
  • Jumbo size popcorns boxes for a family pack 

Offers to Play with Colors for Popcorn Boxes 

Although white popcorn packaging boxes look decent, you can make them more enthralling by playing with colors. So, you can choose your desired color through CMYK and PMS color models. You never choose your desired color if you go for premade boxes. Add to this; you can pick 1-colour, 2-colour, 3-colour, and 4-colors for your popcorn boxes. But you must keep in your mind how many colors you choose for popcorn boxes, the cost of your printing increase as well. So, be minimalistic while choosing your required color for your popcorns packaging. Here is the list of color families that are enlisting below for you. 

  • Muted colors 
  • Rainbow shades 
  • Bold colors 
  • Metallic shades 
  • Nudes 
  • Citrus hues shades 
  • Lime hues shades 

Provide Promotional Benefits 

Printed Popcorns boxes are best to enhance the value of your Kiosk in front of the target customers. Such boxes have promotional content like brand name, logo, taglines, offers, brand message, company motive, and many more things that convey your message to the customers with pleasant graphics. A popcorn box with a printing option is the best way of branding that does not take a large portion from the budget that you want to invest them. 

Choose Multiple Styles of Boxes 

Well, you are not sticking to using large size boxes and bags to serve your popcorns cases. Customization allows you to pick any style dimensions to protect your popcorns from packing in stylish popcorn cases. For this purpose, you can consider the easy consumption of popcorn for your users. Here are some best choices for popcorn styles. 

  • Hexagonal popcorn boxes
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes
  • Scallop boxes 
  • Pillow Boxes 
  • Tuck-end boxes 

So, you can get any custom style of wholesale popcorn boxes to pack your goods from a trustworthy packaging supplier. 

Easily Print with any Type of Printing Methods 

The printing of popcorn boxes is also mandatory to build your uniqueness in the industry. If you can use a low-quality printing method for your boxes, then it melts in your popcorns. Also, cheap and pathetic ink toners are easily stretchable damage the printing of your popcorn boxes. Add to this; ink toners that you used for the printing of your popcorn must be eco-friendly. Here is the list of printing methods that are used in the industry for custom printed popcorn boxes. 

  • Digital Printing 
  • Screen Printing 
  • Offset Printing 
  • Flexographic Printing 

Countless Dimensions to Choose Best Graphic Designs 

The custom popcorn packaging offers you to pick any dimension of graphic designs to give an alluring appearance. Next to this, you can apply the 3D effect (three-dimensional effect) to your design to give a real look. You have unlimited choices to give an overwhelming look to your popcorns packaging boxes. In this regard, you can print famous cartoon characters on the boxes as per your choice. For instance, you can print snow white, Cinderella, Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh, and Batmen cartoon characters on your popcorn cases. Plus, you can play with falling popcorns from the boxes with a vibrant color scheme to make them engaging. 

Use of Foiling to give an Adorable look to your Popcorn Boxes 

The use of foiling gives an esthetic look to your customized popcorn boxes. For this purpose, you can plan various chunks of packaging to use gold and silver foil stamping. Well, you can usefully metalize popcorn boxes, but it makes it expensive for your brand. So, foil stamping is the best way to make your popcorns or buxboard boxes opulent and affordable at the same time. Here is the list of foil stamping colors that are popular in the industry.

  • Turquoise 
  • Teal 
  • Rose Gold 
  • Bronze 
  • Brass 
  • Copper 
  • Gunmetal 
  • Soft and dark pink 

Pick Attractive themes of Popcorns 

As a popcorns seller, you need to try various themes of popcorns packaging according to the various seasonal and annual festivals. For instance, you can print Halloween graphics, Christmas artwork, and Valentine’s Day designs on your personalized popcorn boxes. Similarly, you can print mother’s day quotations and phrases on the popcorns boxes before the month. 

Eco-friendly and Recyclable Popcorn Boxes

Well, we are all aware that many people turn their heads towards the go green packaging boxes. Due to this, the use of Kraft bags and boxes is quite popular in the market. However, cardboard offers a smooth and shiny look to your popcorn cases, but Kraft is easily recyclable or biodegradable. Next to this, you can give any enchanting look to your Kraft popcorn boxes by printing and applying add-on options on the box. Plus, if you like easy-to-carry Kraft boxes, the attachment of handles on the popcorn boxes is the appropriate choice. Also, Kraft has superb tear-resistance ability along with moisture-absorbing power. 

Ending Thoughts for Benefits of Custom Popcorn Packaging 

So, the ending of the above-explained discussion explains the reasons for custom popcorn boxes that change your perspective on using premade boxes. These are capable of bearing the weight of snacks and are available in versatile sizes. Apart from this, you can get wholesale popcorns boxes in any custom style, add-on, and printing information. Also, if you want to apply alluring themes and graphic designs, you can print content that you want to display in front of the customers. 

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