Choosing an Ice Cream Cake Strain

Unlike a fruit strain, an ice cream cake strain has a minty and chocolaty flavor and will suit all those taste buds yearning some chocolate love! The mint cooling sensation will complement the sweetness of chocolate, hence everything tastes perfectly balanced. This is the main niche, however, there are different aromas and flavors to this strain.

An ice cream cake strain is a rare Indica dominant hybrid, however it also contains 25% of the sativa hybrid as well. The THC content in this strain is 20-25%. If you want to know why you should choose an ice cream cake strain, then keep reading this article.

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What Flavors and Aromas are Associated with Ice Cream Cake Strains?

Ice cream cake strains are packed with chocolate-mint goodness. They also have other varieties of flavors in the mid tone to enjoy. They have a rich cream cheese flavor tickling your tongue with the creamy goodness along with some nutty delight. The taste prolongs inside your mouth for a long time.

The combination of Gelato 33 and wedding cake in the ice cream cake smothers it with a tasty vanilla flavoring. In each toke you will be revived with this aroma and taste.

The aroma of ice cream cake strains are somewhat a mixture of nutty, chocolaty, earthy and cheesy. The smells are so uplifting that you will instantly feel the rhythm of joy.

What is the Physical Appearance of an Ice Cream Cake Strain?

The ice cream cake strain looks like a mere bud, but with rich and dense green tone topping it with the orangy-red hair, mild purple hues and trichomes all over. Overall, it looks like a frosty and beautifully vibrant flower bud.

This beautiful yet flavorful strain can be your ultimate desert partner!

What are the Effects of Consuming an Ice Cream Cake Strain?

It makes your body high with a spike in cerebral effects that changes your mood from tired, anxious and negative to the glory of joyous, happy and positive feelings immediately. Then slowly, it will make your body relaxed and open your thinking and creative ability. You will gain self confidence and feel like yourself.

The high level of THC content (20-25%) is proven to treat people with depression and stress, because it gives a calming effect to the mind. Moreover, health issues like nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite are also said to be cured temporarily with these ice cream cake strains. It is said to be a medical plant too, because of its various health effects.

Apart from this, an ice cream cake strain can be taken for recreational purposes too while indulging in creative things. Its highly euphoric sensation won’t stop you from going out of the box.

Things to Remember Before Choosing Ice Cream Cake Strains

Even if people don’t have the health issues mentioned above, they would still love to toke some ice cream cake strains due to their thick, rich multi-flavors of chocolate, mint, nuts, and cream cheese. Who wouldn’t love this? But there are some concerns of overtaking ice cream cake strains. Too much of anything is bad and it shows slowly.

As much as it is used to relieve chronic pain, overdose will cause you another pain, which is a headache. You will also get hints of dizziness and paranoia over insignificant things. Your anxiety level will spike up due to excess intake.

However, most consumers have reported that they feel dry mouth and dry eyes after excessive consumption of ice cream cake strains. If your mouth feels dry, there is only one thing to do – drink water.


So what is your next dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth? An ice cream cake strain? Well that’s a good choice if you are an adult who can limit themselves to such kinds of strains. Sometimes you should consider taking such flavorful out-bursting strains. The flavors are quite seductive to make you crave more and more, but you must set a boundary, or else you know what the end result will be like!

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