Bongo Bingo: What is it?

There have been many variations of bingo introduced over the years, some have been more successful than others. Bingo is constantly adapting and evolving to keep up with the changing landscape and reach brand new demographics – check out

Gone are the days where bingo was viewed as an exclusively older person’s game. Bongo bingo is one of the best bingo variations for reaching the younger demographic, in fact it is exclusively geared towards them. 

A Bingo Game Like No Other 

Unlike regular bingo, bongo bingo is much more lively and intense. People who are used to the bingo hall may want to keep clear of bongo bingo. While bingo is an integral part to the experience, there is much more emphasis on having fun and being silly with your friends. The actual bingo takes a back seat. An example of how bongo bingo takes the traditional bingo game and adds a fun spin on it is when there are two people who got a bingo at the same time, to settle this dispute in bongo bingo the prospective winners will need to compete against each other in a dance off! 

A Night Out Like No Other 

Bongo bingo isn’t just a great alternative to regular bingo either, it provides a great night out for those who are bored of the usual experience. It provides a wonderful mix of bingo with nostalgic music and a great atmosphere. There may even be a few drinks available as well! The truth about bongo bingo is that it really isn’t about winning the prizes, it’s about having a laugh with your friends and making brand new ones. If you are expecting to be sat down for a long time while playing then think again, bongo bingo prides itself on being an active experience where you will be dancing all around the place in no time at all. 

Unique Prizes 

Prizes in bingo can range from a whole host of things, there are generous cash prizes to holiday vouchers. Bongo bingo offers no such prizes. Instead, bongo bingo prides itself on giving out prizes that would otherwise be considered useless. Many see it as part of the fun. Having a group competing to win a box of cornflakes may sound silly but it actually adds to the hilarious and enjoyable atmosphere at bongo bingo. Other lucky prizes include celebrity cardboard cutouts, bouncy hoppers and even pool inflatables! 


Bongo bingo is an entertaining experience which players can enjoy. It works as both a great night out and a fun update on the regular bingo game. It is definitely geared toward a younger audience, so older players should be aware of that before they think of attending a bongo bingo night out, although they would be welcome to go. It’s a bingo game where bingo isn’t really the main attraction, it doesn’t matter at all who wins and loses, what it’s most about is the experience that you have with your friends, old and new.

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