All about holidays in Massachusetts

Planning a great rest? Then you have to go to one of the magnificent states of the United States – Massachusetts. This place is perfect for couples, the elderly and those who prefer active recreation. In the article, we will tell you what a vacation in Massachusetts with Boston private car service in 2021 is, and also discuss prices and attractions.

Historical and geographical information

The state of Massachusetts is rightly considered the cultural and educational center of the United States.

The name “Massachusetts” comes from the Indian tribe Massachusett (“masa” – “big”;” wachusett” — “mountain”). The first settlement was founded on these lands by immigrants from England. They arrived on the coast in 1620 on the ship “Mayflower”.

The state is also affectionately called the “Cradle of America.” And another unofficial name is “Bay State”. There are four bays at once: Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Buzzards and Narragansett. In the west there are mountain ranges – Berkshire and Takonik.

The capital is one of the densely populated cities – Boston. Other major cities in the state are Plymouth, Gloucester, Worcester, Cambridge, Lowell, Springfield.

Massachusetts on the Peak


Massachusetts has a humid continental climate. There is a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Summer is usually warm and humid (temperature rises to plus 28 degrees). In winter, the winds blow, it snows and it is cool. At the same time, the temperature ranges from plus 2 – in Boston to minus 3 – in Plymouth. The state is subject to the blows of various elements: in winter a stormy wind blows, in summer hurricanes and tropical cyclones are not uncommon.

Importantly! In summer, there is a lot of rainfall. Going for a walk, do not forget to grab an umbrella!

How to get there

You can get from Moscow to Boston by plane, but, unfortunately, only with a transfer, for example, in New York. Convenient docking options are offered by Aeroflot. Travel time excluding transfers – 10 hours. The distance between moscow and Boston airports is 7050 km.

Guests of the state are greeted by logan International Airport. It is located 5 kilometers north of Boston.

It is convenient to get from the airport to the city center by taxi, rent a car or public transport.

In 2021, a one-way ticket for one adult passenger will cost about 37 thousand rubles.


Boston and other cities are connected by a convenient public transport network. You can get around by bus, metro, trolleybus, possibly with transfers.

The fare is paid by Charlie Card. You can buy it at subway stations in Boston. It works as an electronic wallet and is accepted for payment in the subway and in buses. This is very convenient, since payment machines, for example, in buses do not issue change. For a single trip in transport, you can buy a Charlie ticket.

In 2021, bus travel in Boston will cost $ 1.6 (in other cities, possibly more expensive), the subway $ 2.1. You can top up Charlie’s card online, at subway stations or in buses.

It is also advantageous to rent a

car. A distinctive feature of local roads is a small load, which will pleasantly surprise the traveler. Congestion here is rare, if only on the highways of large cities. In order not to spend money on taxi rides, it is worth taking care of booking a car in advance. American drivers have a set of rules:

politeness – above all on the road;

pedestrians are allowed to pass without restrictions;

parking — only in special places;

the police do not check the documents without a reason. If you are stopped, then you have really violated something;

alcohol in the blood – under the ban;

don’t forget about seat belts. This also applies to passengers in the rear seats;

always stop in front of the yellow school bus when it drops off passengers.

Where to stay

On the territory of the state offer their services more than 1540 hotels of different levels and different stars. In addition to traditional hotels, you can take advantage of accommodation such as hostels, apartments, villas, bungalows, yachts.

Prices depend on the level of service, the number of people and personal preferences of the tourist, in 2021 you will have to pay approximately $ 100 per day.

And for renting a house in 2021, you will have to pay from 3,000 rubles per day.


Massachusetts pleases and surprises fans of gastronomic tourism. Here are famous restaurants and bars that have won honorary awards. However, almost all of these institutions are quite affordable prices, so it will be interesting to visit them even for tourists with a modest budget.

Each of the regions of the United States has its own crown dish, which is served as a local delicacy. In Massachusetts, it’s a shellfish soup.

This soup has become a traditional dish of New England cuisine. Prepared cream soup-puree from:

  • seafood;
  • potatoes;
  • celery;
  • onion;
  • sour cream (or milk).

Every year in Boston, a kind of competition is held, during which the chefs of the best restaurants compete in the preparation of the perfect soup-puree from shellfish.


For shoppers in the cities of Massachusetts there are many opportunities to satisfy their shopping hunger. It has everything from fashion boutiques to tobacco shops and farmers’ markets.

Fashion Stores

The latest fashion trend is eco-fashionable women’s clothing. In Boston, at 164 Newbury St., you’ll find a boutique featuring fashion collections of such clothing. One can only wonder what it is made of: it is classic cotton and wool, as well as exotic bamboo and soy for us.

Round week works for tourists a huge shopping center in Boston – Copley Place. About 100 stores are collected in one shopping center. Their products are represented here by well-known companies:

Christian Dior;



Neiman Marcus.

Here you can also buy products – especially impressive is the seafood department (Legal Sea Foods).

We advise you to visit the largest in Boston store of fashionable bags 1154 Lill

Studio. This is the largest store where you can buy a handbag for every taste, from any material and for any event. The choice is huge. You can order a bag of your own design from the proposed fabrics. Prices in 2021 for the presented bags range from 25 to 150 dollars. The store is constantly selling.

In Boston, at 1361 Cambridge St., you’ll find a wonderful shop of exclusive fashionable children’s clothing. It is open daily except Monday. This store is also notable for the fact that there are yoga classes for children, as well as massage rooms for children and adults. A kind of combination of useful with pleasant.


Lovers of fresh farm products should visit the market in the town of North Adams. The market is located in the heart of the city. The landmark is parking near the Church of St. Elizabeth, opposite the Museum of Modern Art. The idea of the market is that only local products grown on a farm or in their yard can be sold here. The market opens every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. This is not just a classic shopping, but a kind of communication with nature.


As a classic souvenir from Boston, you can bring a model of the Boston lighthouse (cost about $ 10) and student bags with the emblem of Harvard University (cost from $ 20 in 2021).

Importantly! In Massachusetts corporate travel (as in other states of the country) there is a strict law on the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

You can buy them only if you have reached the age of majority and only in specialized stores. At the same time, tobacco is a national symbol. Many tourists buy it as a souvenir. In search of the best tobacco and cigars, go to one of the specialized stores. Such trading establishments are necessarily in all major cities.

It’s curious.

In Massachusetts, there is a lake that has the longest name in the world

According to the laws of the state of Massachusetts, pets after the death of the owner are guaranteed to receive a share of the inheritance.

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