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7 Signs that Indicate You to Get Root Canal Treatment

We often hear or see people suffering from decaying teeth. This mostly happens due to poor dental hygiene and unhealthy food habits. However, tooth decay can be caused due to several other reasons such as high acid reflux, eating disorders, etc. 

Root Canal treatment has become one of the most commonly done procedures daily by any dentist. It’s terrifying but true. But how can you tell if you need root canal treatment or not? 

Well, here are some of the signs that indicate that you should get root canal treatment. 

How does Root Canal Treatment Work?

Our teeth have several layers like the hard white enamel on the top, inside that is another hard layer that appears ivory white, called the dentine but the soft inner core consisting of the nerves and blood vessels and dental pulp that extends deep into the jaw bone.

When our teeth start to decay, each layer gets affected one after the other, starting from the top layer.  Once the softcore starts decaying, the dental pulp becomes swollen and inflamed. This can be very painful, and if ignored, this could spread to the other surrounding teeth. So the solution to this problem is cleaning the decay out by getting root canal treatment. 

A root canal is generally a simple procedure that happens in 4 simple steps. 

First, the decayed tooth and bacteria are extracted from the pulp and roots. Then the affected area of the mouth is disinfected with antibiotics. After that, the doctor fills in the gaps of damaged teeth. Lastly, the area is sealed properly to prevent any decay in the future. 

Any general dentist can perform the procedure, but many dental clinics now have endodontic surgeons too. Taylor dental care clinic specializes in handling several tooth decay cases and provides excellent root canal treatment procedures.

Various reasons can cause tooth decay, but tooth decay can be stopped from spreading to other teeth, and gums can be protected against inflammation if detected in the early stages. Some simple signs can help you find out if you need to visit the dentists at Taylor dental soon or not!

Symptoms that Indicate Root Canal Problems

The only and most sure way to determine if you need a root canal or not is to by visiting a dentist, but the symptoms mentioned below are signs that you can look out for. Finding any of these symptoms indicates that you have some sort of dental problem and should pay your dentist a visit soon. Taylors dental clinic provides well-guided treatment for their patients and specializes in tending to all types of dental needs. 

  1. Continuous pain in the gums or teeth

One of the first signs that anyone might notice is the always recurring pain in the tooth. The pain is usually very persistent and hardly goes away, but sometimes the pain goes away from time to time but always keeps on reappearing. 

Several different reasons can cause toothache, and you might not need a root canal. But it is very necessary to visit the dentist as soon as you feel any sort of pain in your teeth or gums.

  • Inflamed and swollen roots and gums

Swollen gums are a significant sign that can indicate the need for a root canal. You might also get a pimple or parulis or gum boil on your teeth that might ooze pus and give you bad breath.

  •  Teeth getting chipped or cracked easily.

If your tooth gets chipped and cracks at the slightest pressure or injury, you should consult a doctor. When your teeth get hurt in an accident but are not cracked or chipped severely, you should always see a dentist to make sure none of your root endings or nerves are damaged. 

  • Pain while chewing

If you feel pain while chewing or eating any sort of food, it could be because of extreme tooth decay deep into your gums and nerve endings. This should be treated immediately with a root canal. 

  • Increased sensitivity in the tooth 

If your teeth are sensitive to hot or iced food and drinks, it could damage the roots’ nerve endings. Getting a root canal is strongly advised if the pain lingers long after eating the food and hardly goes away.

  • Teeth become loose and moveable.

When the layers of the tooth begin to decay, the tooth starts getting loose from the gum. And sometimes, if not treated in time, the tooth can also fall off.  But if you find more than one loose tooth, then it might not need root canal treatment.

  • Discolored teeth

When the tooth’s enamel gets affected, the tooth slowly changes color. Various reasons can cause discoloration of teeth, but the discoloration is never a good sign and should be instantly brought to a dentist’s attention.

The process of getting tooth decay and root canal treatment can be trouble-some and sometimes very painful. So to avoid root canal treatment, you should maintain good dental hygiene. And consult any dental experts at Taylor dentist or reach out to Dr Taylor Dental who can guide you through every step of the dos and don’ts of good dental hygiene.

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