5 Essential Online Tools for Bloggers – (Free Blogging tools)

A few days ago, one of my visitors asked me to write about some important and popular blogging tools related to blogging through comments.

So, in this article I will tell you about 5 free online tools or websites that you, as a blogger, need to know.

And keep in mind, these 5 free online blogging tools are used by almost 90% of bloggers.

Blogging or working on a blog is not just about writing articles on a blog.

In addition to writing articles, you will definitely have a lot of work to do as a blogger.

For example, creating a thumbnail for a blog article, doing “keyword research” before writing an article, focusing on the SEO of the blog, the loading speed of the blog, and many more.

And, you need different tools to do this kind of work.

In this case, if you use the following 5 online blogging tools, you will get a lot of help in various tasks related to your blog and blogging.

I personally use each of the tools below and as a professional blogger it is important for you and every blogger to use one and a half of these essential blogging tools.

5 Essential Online Blogging Tools for Bloggers

You can use every online tool (online blogging tools) or website given below for free. Also, I will explain below what each tool does and why you should use it as a blogger.

1. Gtmetrix.com

You must know that the better the loading speed of a blog or website or the less time it takes to load a website, the better the ability of that website to rank in Google search.

And, many slow loading websites, Google never gets better. As a result, the amount of traffic or visitors expected from Google to your website is greatly reduced.

So, through GTmetrix website we can see how fast or slow the loading speed of our website or blog.

When you click on the “test your site” button with the URL address of your blog home page or any article page, GTmetrix shows you how fast your blog or article page will load in the browser.

Thus, GTmetrix’s performance score is better if it is within “A” to “C” and page loading time is within 5 seconds which means the loading speed of your blog or website is good.

However, if your blog has a score below this, then of course you have to work on some things.

You can see why the loading time of the blog or article page is longer by going to the “Waterfall” option.

And, in this way, you can improve the loading speed of your blog and website by knowing the reasons why the loading speed of the blog is slow and working on them.

I and about 90% of professional bloggers use this online tool.

2. Google keyword planner

Now if you write an article before writing a blog article, without doing good keyword research, then this is your big mistake.

And, this is the main reason why the traffic to your blog from Google search is very low.

So, before writing an article on a blog, always do a good “keyword research”.

Remember, keyword research is a process where we have to find some profitable keywords related to our blog articles.

Profitable keywords are some of the keywords that people search on Google search in a good number every month.

Now, how do I find out how many searches are being done on any topic or keyword in Google search?

The simple answer is, “Google keyword planner tool”.

Using this free tool from Google, you can search by typing any keyword, word or phrase and find out how many times a month people are searching for that sentence or word in Google search.

Moreover, you can find out how many times any keyword, sentence or word is searched in any city or country, only in that surviving place.

The Google Keyword Plan tool has one more feature.

Here are some keyword ideas that will be related to the keywords you search.

This way you can find a lot of new article topics or article topics for your blog.

As a blogger, it is very important that you use this tool.

As such, there are many such keyword planning or keyword research tools on the Internet. But mostly paid.

However, I don’t think any other tool can give you the right information like google keyword planner.

Before we write an article on a blog, if we get the information about how much is being searched or not being searched in Google search about the article, then you yourself will not think about how profitable it can be for a blogger.

You need to login with your Google account by following the link given above.

Then, click on the “tools & settings” option and click on the “planning” tab.

At the end, you will see an option of “keyword planner”, where you will see the keyword planning dashboard when you click.

3. Compressjpeg.com

As a blogger, you may have to write many articles on your blog.

And, when writing different types of tutorial blogs or articles, there are a lot of pictures or screenshots to give.

However, the more images or screenshots you add to the article, the slower the loading speed of your article page will be.

In this case, so that the images uploaded to your article do not slow down that page of your blog, so you must compress them before uploading each image.

And, we can use the “Compressjpeg.com” website to greatly reduce the size of any image compressed online.

Using this free online image compressor website, you can reduce the size of 20 images one by one or by compressing them completely.

4. Designhill

Designhill is an online tool or website, a tool for many bloggers. Using Designhill you can create a logo for your blog for free from its online logo maker tool.

Moreover, you can create different types of info graphics, thumbnail for blog, featured image or poster for free using canva online tool.

I create a thumbnail or featured image for each of my blog posts or articles using this canva website.

So, for a blogger & you are like people of graphic design is my passion this canva online tool can prove to be very useful for you

5. Ubersuggest’s (Free Keyword Tool)

Now as a blogger you must use various SEO or keyword research tools. But, almost all good SEO tools are paid, and the price of paid SEO tools is much higher.

In this case, ubersuggest free SEO tool can come in handy.

This seo tool like a paid service gives you every premium seo features such as keyword research, SEO analyzer, keyword ideas, content ideas, site audit, backlink checker and many more SEO TOOLS.

You can find out how many visits or traffic is coming to your or your competitor’s website, which websites you are getting backlinks from, which keywords are ranking a website, all using this free ubersuggest seo tool.

Ubersuggest will give you much better and accurate information than good paid SEO tools.

So, I think this tool can be very useful for you as a blogger,

Our last word,

So friends, as a professional blogger you must use some urgent and useful tools. And, above, I will talk about 5 online tools that will undoubtedly come in handy in your blogging career.

I use each of these tools myself and about 90% of bloggers use these online tools.

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