30 Photography Magazines You Should Be Reading in 2021

Photography magazines are not only good for motivation but also offer tutorials, project ideas, new gear insights, industry highlights, and more. Photography magazines are the most compelling source of knowledge as they bring together the best parts of blogging and tips with illustrations to make information understandable. Therefore, every photographer should read magazines. But the question is, which photography magazine is useful to read? So, for you, we have tried to collect every style and region to give some spark of inspiration. In the collection below you will be able to find something for everyone. Here are the most useful magazines for photographers to read in 2021.  

  1. Aperture – Aperture is a thoughtful photography magazine, not a publication covering basic “how-to”.  It covers the various disciplines of photography, from the finest outdoors to architecture and even nature at its best. Even in the context of quality, the content will never disappoint. Therefore, this magazine motivates and attracts people to this form of art.
  2. Black and white minimalism – As the name shows, this state-of-the-art photography magazine uses monochrome images with fewer complications to create a minimalist work. The images depicted in this magazine have a feeling and quality where there is a balance between light, shadows, and Gray tones. The magazine is exclusive in its style and structure.
  3. Digital Camera – It is a British magazine that is considered one of the best photography magazines that revolve around DSLR photography and mirrorless photography. This photography magazine content mainly revolves around how and gear reviews. Digital camera is a great one for those who want to dig into new technologies and ideas
  4. Click – Click’s editors describe the publication as a magazine for modern photographers. Click is a woman-run enterprise; However, this does not mean that it is biased. If you want something youthful and some optimism, then Click is a magazine to pick. It offers tons of post-processing tips and tricks and gear reviews as a complete lifestyle.
  5. Photo Review Magazines – One of the most motivating and creative photography magazines is the Photo Review in the field of photography. The magazine has techniques and tutorials that are very easy to follow and implement. The magazine, as its name shows, reviews numerous photography devices and compares them to each other, a valuable tool for anyone who needs to buy new gear. 
  6. Outdoor Photographer- This photography magazine includes from outside to landscape, flora, and fauna, and wildlife photography. It is idyllic for amateur photographers who are interested in exploring nature and want tips for shooting at natural locations and landscapes. This magazine includes technical advice, gear reviews, travel guides, and professional advice.
  7. Photolife – PhotoLife is one of Canada’s premier photography magazines.  It aimed at beginner and intermediate photographers, this magazine provides tips and techniques to help them enhance their skills and build fruitful photography careers. The magazine also publishes photography events in which readers can participate.
  8. Australian Photography – Australian photography has been around for almost sixty years. It is one of the top-selling photography magazines in Australia. The mission of this magazine is to progress the skill of photographers. It organizes various competitions where beginners can participate. It includes articles that contain information related to contemporary shooting tips and post-production.
  9. Silvershotz – SilverShotz is an Australian photography magazine that was established in 1998. Originally called Black and White Enthusiast, this magazine contains tips and articles linked to low light photography and black and white pictures.  In 2014 the magazine stopped its steady print editions and became an online interactive photography magazine.
  10.  Nature photographer – Nature Photographer magazine is considered one of the leading magazines in America. This magazine published a year thrice, covering all seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, and Fall-Winter). This magazine is aimed at nature photographers. It covers everything from techniques and gear reviews to location picking tips, which helps beginners learn various aspects of nature photography.
  11. Photographie – Photography is a German photography magazine. The magazine is one of the major German photography magazines and publishes ten issues a year. It includes reviews about the latest products and photography gear, photography techniques as well as methodology of photography. Photographie is an ample package of superb photography-related content making it one of the most useful and artistic photography magazines in Germany.
  12. Practical Photography – Practical Photography offers hands-on tips and guidance for photographers of all levels who want to progress their post-processing and technical photography skills. As the name of the journal itself suggests, Practical photography reaches the core level of photography and publishes content, which is beneficial in real-world situations. Practical photography covering a wide variety of photography genres.
  13. Digital Photo Pro – Digital Photo Pro carries a similar range of subjects means they offer more advanced photography tutorials and topics. It usually deals with topics not included in mass-market magazines and provides a great deal of videography material. Digital Photo Pro hits seven times a year. 
  14.  Foam Magazine – This magazine is an award-winning international photography magazine published thrice a year around a specific topic. Each issue revolves around a particular topic and contains articles, reviews, interviews, and of course photographs based on that topic. This theme-based photo magazine is recognized for its superior print quality, which boosts the reading experience of the readers.
  15. PhotoEd Magazine – PhotoEd magazine is a theme-based photography magazine published in Canada.  Each theme comes with tips and techniques related to the subject, for example, if the subject is based on street photography, then tips along with photography techniques are also included. It also promotes inspiration and educates photographers about the extreme art of photography. It publishes three times each year.
  16. Olympus – Olympus magazine is owned by the foremost manufacturers of digital precision and optical technology in the UK. The magazine is an excellent channel to sell its stylus cameras. Unlike other magazines on this list, Olympus magazine is free and completely digital.  The magazine covers a variety of topics and also organizes photography contests.
  17. PDN – It stands for Photo District News. It publishes a new topic every month. The monthly publication comprises news, product reviews, tutorials, and industry insights. In addition, PDN also covers information on photography books and how to obtain them. It is a complete package published both offline and online.
  18. Canadian Camera – Canadian Camera magazine is a periodical magazine of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). Canadian Camera can say one of the finest photography magazines on this list. The magazine features splendid photography and articles written by their associates and each subject comes with a highlighted topic. The content is also of exceptional quality and has been very well researched.
  19. Better Photography – It is an Indian photography magazine that can be a motivating read for professional photographers and beginners. Better photography highlights education, workshops, capture, and post-production. It covers inspirational ideas and innovative methods as well as lots of tutorials and guides. The magazine touches on subjects such as portfolio view, technology, tools, and graphic design editing programs such as DesignViva, Lightroom, and Photoshop.
  20. Shutter – Shutter is a photography magazine formed in the year 2011 that emphases chiefly on providing photography education. The magazine is the perfect balance of art and business. Each edition focuses on a precise subject, with numerous articles connected to starting a photography business and running it fruitfully. The digital format of this photography magazine is free to read or subscribe to its printed edition.
  21. Chiiz – It is one of the photography magazines of India devoted to descriptive photography. This magazine covers the tales of photographers from all over the globe which can be useful for photo enthusiasts. Every photo published in this magazine comes with camera settings, which is useful for both beginners and professional photographers.
  22. EXIT – EXIT is a theme-based magazine from Spain that talks about all kinds of photography, and ideas. This magazine is published every three months. Its main objectives are photography, fashion, and art, and you can see a variety of photography styles, from creative photomontage to stunning documentary portraits. 
  23. Black And White – Black and White magazine are one of those photography magazines that takes artistry to the next level. Most articles in the magazine emphasize artist profiles and galleries with pictures. B&W is a popular magazine that publishes bi-monthly. In addition, the magazine showcases beautiful monochrome pictures and shares helpful tips.
  24. Amateur Photographer – The Amateur Photographer was first published in 1884. It is a British magazine which is published once every week. If you are an amateur looking to take your photography aids to the next level and make meaningful photographs, then this magazine will be perfect for you. The magazine covers everything you want to know. From news and reviews to photography methods and opinion articles.
  25.  Digital Photo – The magazine purposes especially to educate beginners and amateurs about photography, Digital Photo comprises tutorials written by experts in the arena. The magazine mainly focuses on guides to take better photographs. They also comprise how to pick a better gear and boost photography skills. “Everyone Can Do It” is the motto of this publication, making it one of the leading photography magazines for beginners.
  26. Professional Photographer – A US-based publication, Professional photographer is focussing its creative energy to reach readers. It advises readers on how to pursue their business and career, trends, products, and pictures that define the United States photography industry. The digital format of this photography magazine can be read online for free.
  27. Capture magazine – Capture is one of the most popular photography magazines in Australia. It is for advanced learners and those who ponder themselves as serious enthusiasts. It covers all ranges of the professional photography field such as running a successful photography business, studio techniques, equipment, marketing, legal issues, and so on. The magazine also featured Australian photographers with their works and is full of information
  28. D-Photo Magazine – This first edition was published in the year 1999. D-Photo magazine is New Zealand’s best-selling bi-monthly photography magazine. The magazine focuses on digital photography, cameras, and accessories and covers content that can aid readers to get to know their gadgets and make more artistic use of them to capture splendid images.
  29. Smart Photography Magazine – This magazine is another Indian photography magazine that is present in the market due to the quality content and its subjects. It fetches together most of the information essential by a photographer to outline and identify criteria in the photography industry. The magazine provides unbiased and truthful reviews on photography equipment which helps in choosing the devices.
  30. Foto Cult Magazine – It is an Italian magazine that publishes 10 issues a year and was established to engross in the cultural and technical aspects of photography. The magazine publishes virtually everything, such as news, exhibitions, competitions, festivals, books, reviews, and more. 

Wrapping up

Photography is a continuous learning procedure. Photography magazines are a productive way to continue learning.  It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, hopefully, you have found something on this list that appeals to you.  However, I am sure that there is nothing in this article that is ever useless. Every magazine on this list is worth a look at. All of them will bring you to a careful selection of content that you know will fit your precise genre or niche.

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