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10 Best Website Footer Designs for Inspiration in 2020

Apart from the main body content, the website includes a header and footer, which serve a specific purpose for the assistance of visitors. Since we believe that website design for footer is just as important, we’ve also put together a list of 10 best free footer designs for you to have a look. 

Website footer

A web footer is a content section at the very bottom of your web page. The opposite of the website header that appears at the very top of your page, the footer may be the last thing your guests see-especially for those who scroll down quickly. In this situation, the footer may be more relevant than you thought. A footer offers two advantages that can enhance your website –

  • Include the key details you want your guests to see again 
  • Give instructions to your guests without the need to scroll back to the start

The footer should be practical and aesthetically appealing by-

  • Make it clear and clean. 
  • Keep it professional and trustworthy.
  • Get it esthetically pleasing. 

Best practices for the design of the website footer

Designing an expertly crafted footer requires a lot of work. Before you start, free remove background tool you need to think about those things are.

Three Essentials –

  • Copyright
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use


  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Social icons


Personality and Brand


  • Sign Up
  • Sign In
  • Subscribe

Search Engine Optimization

Get out of the bland business box and instead demonstrate some attitude like –

  • Events: Share milestones and significant past and future events. 
  • Logo: Show your logo in your footer for branding purposes  
  • Gallery: Insert the members’ mini gallery. 
  • Awards: Show off the awards.

10 Best Website Footer Design for inspiration are-

Griflan Design Inc.

Griflan provides web design, publishing, publicity, drawing, and animation services. Its entire website is dominated by dark blue and white, and the footer has the same color scheme. This makes the footer compatible with the main body of the website. The interface is very easy and clean and includes only communication choices, such as email, phone number, and social media.


Chron is one of the biggest newspapers in the United States. Its specific website footer architecture does away with vertical columns but instead uses a horizontal framework and style to view content. Like other newspaper websites, Chron provides a range of subscription plans, allowing consumers freedom of choice.


This website aims to recognize the talents and efforts of the best designers, and website design agencies in the world. Its footer features a minimalist, simple and esthetic style with the use of a thin sans serif and plenty of white space. The footer shows its personality and brand with full impact, in particular by leading the line “Awards for Design, Creativity, and Innovation on the Internet.”


It’s a really creative design lab, and their footer design is a testament to that innovation. The animation is great. Its eye is struck by a blue stag (which takes the shape of a logo) and the gray mountains in the distance. This mixture makes the brand sticky, making guests a memorable feeling.


This is a WordPress beginner resource spot. Their footer architecture is very plain, with little decoration. However, it is well-designed and uses three parts to provide more detail. The first is the membership of the association, which is seen at the top of the footer. The key part is their mission and their beliefs. The very bottom of the photo indicates the copyright.


This design studio makes one website idea at a time more insightful and useful on the Internet. Its contact option is in the top right corner. Orbitmedia only provides an email address, a phone number, and social symbols, although the contact copy can also be tapped and forwarded to the form. The footer is also CTA-focused and About Company-focused. You may opt to sign up, launch a project, or explore their work.

Random ize

Random appears to be the most random website on the internet. It specializes in randomizing a number of items. The footer style is very different from the norm, and almost exceeds the length of full-screen size. It stresses the influence of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.


The web covers a wide variety of contents-from food and wellbeing to gossip and politics and everything else under the sun. Their footer architecture highlights two wide portions of social media and email delivery options. 


Fandom has a well-defined and vividly colored footer style. The vivid color scheme attracts the user’s eye and the copy has a hover effect. The download options act as an opportunity for fans, boosting the Fandom user base.


Wix simply groups all the functional pages of the website, all with black text on a white background-clean, simple and succinct. Its footer is CTA-focused and About Company-focused, and you can conveniently navigate anywhere on the web.

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